Neyes Symbiont

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The Neyes symbiont is by no means a wholly humble creature. While the women in the Neyes line seem to be far more controlled than the males, there is still a general agreement that the level of confidence gained with Neyes is far greater than that of other symbionts. Many of the individuals joined to Neyes found that their personalities clashed (including Taylor, Landon and Jazni) even after extensive testing by the Trill Symbiosis commission, although it has never developed into a serious problem. This may be due to the ancient nature of the symbiont, and many Trill specialists argue that the difficulties faced are due to cultural differences from the disparaging timelines Neyes has seen. Being nearly 800 years of age, Neyes is much older than many of the other symbionts, it has therefor seen a vast array of changes in the Trill culture since its birth.

Like many well-aged symbionts, Non-Trill Telepathic contact is strongly discouraged, as unforeseen side-effects for both the host, symbiont, and telepath could be experienced. Many races struggle to traverse the complex and highly sensitive mental structure of elder symbionts, as they themselves communicate electro-telepathically. While all hosts are trained to wall themselves from telepathic contact, Trill are not specifically able to block a mental probing or invasion.