Norway class

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Class Information
Expected Duration: 80 years
Resupply Interval: 1 years
Refit Interval: 3 years
Role: Frigates
In Service: 58
Length: 251.6 meters
Width: 155.6 meters
Height: 36.2 meters
Decks: 11
Warp Rating
Cruising Speed: Warp 6
Maximum Speed: Warp 8.4
Emergency Speed: Warp 9.7 for 12 hours
Crew Compliment: 190
Officers: 25
Enlisted: 155
Marines: 0
Civilians: 10
Auxiliary Craft








Tactical Systems

8 Type-X phaser arrays

Torpedo Launchers:
  • 2 forward
  • 1 aft
Torpedo Compliment:

Regenerative Shielding System

Other Systems:
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The Norway-class is a type of Federation starship in service in Starfleet in the late 24th century.



Following the devastating Battle of Wolf 359 in 2367 Starfleet Command undertook an urgent review of starship design. The result was a new generation of starships, including the Norway-class, which had entered service by the early 2370s.

In common with the Sabre, Akira and Defiant-classes developed by the Advanced Starship Design Bureau along side it, the Norway-class featured the latest propulsion, defensive and offensive systems and a revolutionary design intended to lessen the profile of the ships making them a smaller targets. In contrast to the large spaced out design of a Galaxy-class starship, Norway-class vessels were almost flat, featuring a triangular saucer section with two rectangular beams projecting rearward from the top of saucer to which compact nacelle struts supported the warp nacelles. From the side the Norway-class presented a very narrow profile. Its largest surface could be found on the dorsal or ventral sides, which were still compact compared to earlier starship designs. The class also featured an atypically small number of viewing ports on the external hull.

Production for the class was based out of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau Integration Section at Spacedock 1, Earth.

Norway-class starships have large shuttlebays that can house shuttlecraft, work bees, support modules, maintenance platforms, shuttlepods, short range shuttles and long range shuttles.


Several Norway-class vessels saw combat action against a Borg cube in the Battle of Sector 001 in 2373. At least one of these vessels was lost during the attack.

The class later saw action in the Dominion War. The Norway vessels' service in the conflict included use as an evacuation craft, with its five-hundred person evacuation limit often used as accommodation the entire crew complement of another vessel.