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As a staff office within Starfleet, the Office of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps (OJAG’s) primary mission is to support the Judge Advocate General (JAG) in providing legal and policy advice to the Secretary of the Navy. In addition, OJAG supports JAG in advising and assisting the Commander, Starfleet in formulating and implementing policies and initiatives pertaining to the provision of legal services within Starfleet.

Assistant Judge Advocate General

The Assistant Judge Advocates General (AJAG) is assigned functional areas of responsibility. In order of precedence established by the Judge Advocate General of Starfleet (JAG) when neither the JAG nor the Deputy Judge Advocate General (DJAG) is able to perform the duties of the JAG, the senior most AJAG will perform the duties of the JAG. In addition to other duties assigned, each AJAG supervises the Deputy Assistant Judge Advocates General (DAJAGs) and staff within his area of responsibility. AJAG supervisory authority includes preparing and signing fitness reports for the assigned DAJAGs.

Assistant Judge Advocate General, Civil Law

Withing the Judge Advocate General's Corps of Starfleet the officer that has been appointed as the Assistant Judge Advocate General of Civil & General Law has primary supervisory responsibility for administrative law matters involving the Starfleet in environmental law; government ethics; military personnel law; domestic and intergalactic laws and regulations; special programs involving matters of espionage and as well as primary responsibility for admiralty, civil affairs, investigations, general litigation, claims and legal assistance matters. Assigned additional duty as Commanding Officer, Starfleet Civil Law Support Activity.

Assistant Judge Advocate General, Military Law

As Assistant Judge Advocate General-Military Law (AJAG), supervises the OJAG division director responsible for criminal law policy; serves as the Chairman of the Judicial Screening Board. This billet also serves as member of the OJAG Ethics Committee and coordinates administrative matters with the Chief Judge, Starfleet-Marine Corps Trial Judiciary and the Chief Judge, Starfleet-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals.

The billet also fills the post of the Officer in Charge, Starfleet-Marine Corps Appellate Review Activity (OIC, SFMCARA), and supervises the Administrative Support Division, Appellate Defense Division, and Appellate Government Division.

Assistant Judge Advocate General, Director of Operations

The Director of Operations has primary responsibility for operations and management of the Office of the Judge Advocate General and SFLSC. Supervises six divisions within OJAG, with areas of responsibility that include human resources (military and civilian), information technology systems, financial management, facilities management, and operational planning.

Assistant Judge Advocate General, Chief Judge

The AJAG, Chief Judge, has primary administrative supervisory responsibility over the judiciary at both the trial and appellate levels, as the judges execute their statutory duties as authorized in the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the Manual for Courts-Martial, and the JAG Manual.

The Chief Judge oversees the galaxy-wide Starfleet “Judicial Enterprise” as such this billet is the senior officer for the Chief Judge of the Trial Judiciary and the judges of the Starfleet-Marine Corps Courts of Criminal Appeals (SFMCCA); is the principal strategic planner for professional development, selection, training, and deployment of the judiciary; oversees all inquiries into judicial misconduct and is the principal adviser for courtroom design and judicial security.

Command Master Chief of the Judge Advocate General's Corps of Starfleet

The Command Master Chief (CMC) is the senior enlisted adviser to the Judge Advocate General of Starfleet and to Commander, Starfleet Legal Service Command (CSFLSC) for all matters relating to the Legalman community.

The CMC maintains and promote effectiveness and efficiency of the chain of command. S/he assists the JAG and CSFLSC in all matters pertaining to welfare, health, job satisfaction, morale, utilization, and training of enlisted personnel to promote traditional standards of good order and discipline.

The CMC helps JAG and CSFLSC establish a positive command climate and advise JAG and CSFLSC on formulation and implementation of changes in policy pertaining to enlisted personnel. They will attends meetings as directed and also be kept apprised of current issues and provide a representative enlisted input. The CMC participates in ceremonies honoring all service members throughout the JAG Corps and Legalman communities. When appropriate, the CMC represent JAG and CNLSC, or accompany them, to official functions, inspections, and conferences. He or she participates in receptions and hosting of official visitors as well as represents the JAG and CSFLSC at community and civic functions.