Petty Officer First Class

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Petty Officer First Class
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Higher Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Lower Rank: Petty Officer Second Class
Known Petty Officer First Class Known Petty Officer First Class
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Petty Officer First Class (Abbreviated to PO1) is a non-commissioned officer ranl in Starfleet. A First Class Petty Officer is a senior enlisted person, having generally served eight years in their occupational speciality to advance to this level. First Class Petty Officers may supervise a group of junior enlisted within their same speciality, and may be addressed by rating, such as "Hospital Corpsman First Class," "Deputy First Class," or "Matter-Antimatter Technician First Class," as well as by the generic Petty Officer First Class.

This is a pivotal time in an NCO's career, the path before them is split two ways: PO1s may take a competitive, fleet-wide exam, and are judged by a board of current Chief Petty Officers to be promoted to Chief Petty Officer; or, in rarer cases, apply for a commission based on their fleet experience thus far, to be promoted to Ensign. Most PO1s remain as a PO1 for five years before traveling down one of these paths.