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As from:

United Confederation of Interstellar Planets Science Academy Guide
Stardate 239802.26 Ver1.0
Author: Lieutenant Commander Ma'bor Jetrel
Stardate 239808.03 Ver2.0
Updated and compiled by Ensign Ryukanden Suwada
Stardate 239907.14 Ver3.0
Updated by Henrich VonKraus
Stardate 241309.22 LCARS Version
Formatted by: Arcos

-Quantum filament-

A quantum filament is a closed loop of twisted space with interesting and unpredictable physical effects. Filaments are usually formed in supernovas and although they normally are not very dangerous, they should be avoided.


A nebula is any region of space in which interstellar matter density is significantly higher than the average.
Nebulas may result from stellar explosions or from "pile-up" due to passage of gravitational density waves. Supernovae are one main cause of nebulae.
The life of a nebula starts out as standard formation of a discernible cloud in space that is virtually in it's large peak.
From there elements, particles, molecules, gases, and other matter fuse and stabilize.
Properties vary from the kind of materials collected.<brAfter the nebula forms it slowly over centuries shrinks as matter slowly begins deteriorated of energy and leaving the cloud or dispersing.
During this time new stars may form which will lead to solar systems within the nebula.

-Cosmic String-

A cosmic string is somewhat similar to a quantum filament.
It is gravitational well of space that continuously drags into itself in a vertical manner due to it's immense mass leading to intense gravitational pull.
Energy almost rips into space-time at the core of a cosmic string and is kept there by the pull.
There is little data on how it is formed and little theorization.
However the most plausible explanation is that if two stars nova close enough to each other to have their expelled energy combine that the combination of energy, matter and gravitational outburst would cause a cosmic string to form. They are to be avoided at all costs.
The center of a cosmic string will destroy any object.

-Space Dwelling Life form-

There are many space-dwelling beings that vary in structure and appearance throughout the galaxy.
Some are artificially created and some presumed to have formed near the barrier of the galaxy's core where various gases are plentiful and conditions able to form one.


A Dyson sphere is an artificially constructed sphere surrounding a star.
Creation of such a sphere is beyond current Federation technology, but one such sphere has been discovered by the U.S.S. Enterprise-D and visited as well as the U.S.S. Vindicator.
Infrared signatures presumed to belong to several such spheres have been observed in Federation astrometric surveys.
The canonical Dyson sphere would have an internal surface area many times the total surface area of all the Federation's inhabited planets.

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