Photo-Nanotech Computer Core

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Technology Data
Name Photo-Nanotech Computer Core
Type Computer
Introduced 2406
Affiliation Federation
TechStatus UCIP Canon
Contributor Czarr Rom

The Photo-NanoTech Computer Core (or "PN Core") is the latest leap forward in computing technology in the Federation. It is based around the principles of earlier isolinear systems but represents a massive leap forward in capability.

Utilising advanced photonic manipulation technology within a solid state computing optimised substratre, the core operates much faster than previous systems. It is built to take advantage of the wave particle nature of light and utilises parallel processing on a huge scale using quantum computing.

The capacity of the core is staggering compared to even recent models using lesser technology. It is so powerful an efficient that the artificial intelligence operating in its software could easily become sentient if the programming did not prevent this.

The PN Core Mk 1 is currently being field tested aboard certain Starfleet vessels.

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