Quantite Fusion Reactor

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Quantite Fusion Warp Core.

The Quantite fusion warp core is an advance on the standard warp core technology, it uses a series of four smaller warp cores (giving it the Fusion name, no relation to actual Fusion reactors), working in concert with each other to provide an increased power output with increased reliability under pressure, if one of the cores begins to fluctuate, the system automatically adjusts it's parameters to draw less power from one and compensate with the other three till the crew can stabilise fluctuations.

When damaged, two of the cores can be disabled for repairs while still providing enough power to keep the ships essential systems running, however, the maximum Warp achievable while running with two cores is effectively halved, from Warp 9.85 down to Warp 5.

With four cores running simultaneously the dangers of a warp core breach are also increased, due to this, the containment systems are reinforced and each core has a seperate secondary system, should the main containment fields fail, the secondary systems will enable, giving the engineering teams time to repair and reactivate the primary containment system.

The major downside of the quantite fusion core is it's huge warp signature, with all four cores running at standard capacity, it is nearly impossible to mask, any ship running with this system will show up on the long range sensors of most major races and factions, however the performance gains are deemed to be worth the risks associated with the technology.

Currently, only one ship is known to have this warp core configuration, the USS Vindicator-D was fitted with the Quantite Fusion Reactor during it's rebuild as the official testbed and shakedown of this technology.

Technology contributed by Mike, Approved for use on the USS Vindicator by Beta Fleet Command.