Quantum Singularity Torpedo

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Technology Data
Name Quantum Singularity Torpedo
Type Torpedo
Introduced 2405
Affiliation Romulan
TechStatus UCIP Canon
Contributor Czarr Rom

The Quantum Singularity Torpedo (Singularity Torpedo or QST) is a weapon created by and used on the vessels of the Romulan Star Empire.

The technology shows an interesting mimicry between the technological development of the Federation and the Romulans in that this Romulan torpedo based weapon is based around an artificial quantum singularity (AQS), just like Romulan warp drive, whereas the front line Federation torpedoes are based around a matter/antimatter reaction just like Federation warp drive.

Technical Details

Quantum Singularity Torpedoes use quantum singularities on a very small scale. They utilize the enormous destructive power of a quantum singularity to inflict massive damage on any target they are fired upon. This technology was first created as a waste management system and was quickly adapted to military applications.

The QST is comprised of six main components: casing, singularity, containment, tachyon generator, guidance system, propulsion.

The QST in application

When a QST is launched its tachyon generator primes, generating massive amounts of tachyon radiation. This radiation does not come into contact with the AQS due to the containment field.

As the QST impacts its target the containment field is dropped and the singularity exposed. As this happens the singularity interacts with the tachyon radiation and destabalizes. This causes the immediate collapse of the singularity, the result of which is a massive implosion wave equivilant to 62 isotons.

When impacting shields a QST's implosion wave draws massive amounts of energy from the local shield generator as well as a substantial amount from adjacent shield generators, thus creating a feedback loop into the local generator. In some cases this would cause a rupture if the energy is not dissipated properly, it also noticeably weakens the shield system.

Upon impacting the hull of the target a QST crushes the surrounding area in a radius of around 10m, depending on the structure's compostion and dispersal capabilities. In the effected area all matter is compressed by a ratio of around 20:1, meaning an object taking up 20 cubic centimeters prior to impact would now take up just 1 cubic centimeter. This is an incredibly destructive force, quite capable of crippling or destroying most starships with a well placed shot.

Firing systems

Due to the nature of the singularities and the immense containment field each requires every torpedo must be charged before firing, this requirement significantly slows down rearming time and the maximum rate of fire is just 1 torpedo every 7 seconds.

Usage restrictions

Use of a QST in or around gravitational anamolies or stars can cause drastic and unpredictable effects, thus limiting the usage of these weapons.

OOC Information

A QST torpedo system is now fitted as standard on all front line Romulan vessels. The technology is also authorised for use on the Proteus class but is not used on any other class of non Romulan starship.

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