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Unit Information
Part Of:

Romulan Military


Romulan Star Empire


Galae s'Shiar


Special Operations Forces


Primary tasks:

  • Direct action
  • Special reconnaissance
  • Foreign internal defense
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Unconventional warfare

Other roles:

  • Counter-drug operations
  • Personnel recovery
OOC Command Staff
Command Staff

Galae`EnriovGalae`Enriov Maiek S'T'Hrienteh

Commanding Officer:

EnriovEnriov Rh'S'harien tr'Kayton

Directors & Liaison

Originally formed of the Rihannsu’s greatest warriors by Tellus (brother of S`Task) to serve as a royal guard and ‘Army to the Declared’, the Imperial Rei`Krannsu are the oldest continuously active military force in the galaxy.

Since their foundation, the Rei`Krannsu have served directly under each Emperor and Empress– including the ruling queen t`Rehu, who re-tasked them with policing duties during her ten year rule. Perhaps ironically, it was the Rei`Krannsu who, under Tellus’ son Jo`rek, defeated t`Rehu’s armies, and liberated the capitol from her presence. During their master’s rule, the Legion grew into over a hundred Legions. Each new Legion was sent on a quest to the distant stars, driving onward the crushing imperial fist of the travelers.

With the arrival of the Federation and Rihannsu large scale production of space craft, it became apparent that the demanded for personnel far out-weighed the hyper selective, elite Imperial legionaries ability. In a desperate move, the available Legions were split, and the larger portion was injected with the civilian populous. Animosity grew when it was decided that the old-fashioned Legion would receive none of the new warp ships, and thus become subservient to the less elite, newly formed Galae s'Shiar.

Today, as it has always been, the Legions are modular, highly reactive units, composed of the finest troops the Rihannsu can offer. Though the number of Legions has shrunk to merely 14, a heightened since of historic pride, the right and practice of maintaining their own space fleets, and a more tangible example of the Legions’ might (the Romulan civil war) has returned a considerable amount of their political power.


Officially, the Rei'Krannnsu are tasked with most of the same duties as the Galae– they guard the planets and peoples of the Empire, promote the development of the way of D`Era, and serve as combative force during times of war. However, considering the skill level of each soldier in the ranks, the relatively small number of troops in their units, and the amount of munitions they tend to expend while obliterating their opponents, the Rei'Krannsu are considered a resource better kept in ‘reserve,’ or brought out for ’special situations’ duties such as full scale wars. In fact, the Rei'Krannsu were considered so valuable in t`Kazon’s Imperial days, that the Empress did not deploy a single unit of their Forces during her 2398 war with the Federation.

‘Rangers’ or ‘Special Forces’ are the accepted non-Rihannsu labeling for the Legions, and more or less describe what they do. They are ‘wandering’ soldiers, waiting for orders to form into their units, and deploy anywhere. When they arrive, they may deploy for any non-standard duties which may aide in the achievement of an objective, or they may simply destroy a target.

Unlike the Galae, the Rei'Krannsu station themselves off of a single planet. From there they build a home fortress, their own ship yards, shrines, cemeteries, defensive platforms, and training grounds.

Though they lost rights to own their own space craft historically, the Rei'Krannsu do maintain Legion-fleets of their own. As these are often more specialized in nature, and smaller in number, these ships generally stand a generation or two more advanced than t! hose found in the star navy. Presently, the Rei'Krannsu are converting over to the post war D`Kalen-ra (for small-column insertion and deployment, as well as space combat), D`Jhimn (for large scale troop transport and light combat), and D`Delona (for prolonged, adaptive combat) classes.

With a smaller rank structure the communications distance and levels of bureaucracy are smaller in the Rei'Krannsu than in the Galae. Additional, unlike the rigid command structure of the Galae, the Legions’ is left more open ended. Enriovs are the command heads of their individual legion and whatever attached transport and support units. The Enriovs coordinate troop movements between each other instead of being handed orders from a fleet commander, who was given an order by his Naval administrative commander. As the legions range in size, and are often broken into smaller fighting modules, order is maintained through diminishing circles of influence.



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