Rei'Krannsu Positions

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In reflection of their historical numeric reduction, the Rei'Krannsu is about a quarter the size of the Galae. Additionally, though few in number and predominately designed for transport, the Rei'Krannsu maintains a far more advanced fleet. In modern day, there are only 14 Legions remaining The Rei'Krannsu often serve specialized, more formal defense functions. As they are deployed less and less often and in lesser number to the field, this ‘dignified’ display of their officers’ prowess, importance, and ability (as most of these units are reserved for the best of he best) has almost surpassed the allure of battle in the eyes of recruits. Regardless, while they ma! y be for show, or historical reference, these units are still filled by the ranks of the Ranger Legions, and should be held with the same level of respect their field brethren would receive.

In addition to all standard posts on a Rei`Krannsu vessel, a few specialized assignments have come into existence over the years.


Communications have proven vital to squadron based assaults- vital enough that all ship to ship communications be taken away from the already over worked tactical officer. The COM officer is in charge of all ship communications- and is additionally responsible for keeping track of all squadron and other ‘friendly’ craft during a maneuver. Too many ships have been lost to friendly fire because a tactical officer didn’t have time to a! adequately identify his target. The COM officer acts as both spotter for TAC and the CO’s link between ships.


Tactical officers are now only in charge of targeting and firing weapons.

Naval Advisor

This officer is bound to the ship. He acts as a political and tactical link to the Galae both in planning and during a tactical maneuver. This is a senior staff post requiring much experience and is restricted to Arrain rank officers and above.

Political Officer

Much as the PO keeps a Galae Enarrain informed of Tal'Shiar actions, the same is done in the Rei`Krannsu. One major difference though, is that the PO of an RK ship is not necessarily part of the Tal'Shiar. The Order is often angered as RK POs often show more loyalty to their ship CO and the Rei'Krannsu than to the secret serves. Like the Naval Advisor, this is also a ship bound post - though junior ranking officers filling in the post may engage in field activity too.

Wing Commander

Though fighters are used by the navy they are not coordinated by a specific officer. In contrast, Marine formations of fighters are piloted by specially trained troops. The Wing Commander, often an Arrain, reports to the ship CO in the same way a platoon Commander would. If necessary the wing can serve in reserve ground deployments too.


Rei'Krannsu Commanders meet with their General whenever it is necessary to make major movement plans. These meetings are usually only conducted within a single legion, as the Enriovs make their own plans in a separate council. The meeting is staffed by: The EnRiov, his Enarrain and chief intelligence officer, his Enarain(s) in charge of any ship squadrons, and his Riovs and erie`Riovs- acting COs of all ships in his squadrons. Orders pass from this gathering on to the senior staffs of a ship. The senior staff then sends orders down to their respective platoons and squads.

In addition to any platoons being transported or staffed on a ship, the crew of a Rei`Krannsu vesel are formed into a platoon as well. This larger and more senior platoon is deployed less often as its functions are needed more on ship duties, though if no other troops are available the crew forms into their ranks and takes the feild. Ta`Pakrsh

The Ta'Pakrsh is the Intel sub-division of the Rei`Krannsu. It is a very small department focused only on collecting data relevant for the Rei'Krannsu. Though generally, like all facets of the special forces, the Intel division has some of the most advanced equipment available, it does not have the vast research department available to the Tal'Shiar. As a result, the department is more powerful than the Navy’s Tal'Diann, but less powerful than the Tal'Shiar.

Uniforms, rank structure, and chain of command for the Ta'Pakrsh is identical to the Rei'Krannsu’s.

As for posting and assignment, the Ta'Pakrsh does not put troops amongst other department’s ranks like the Tal'Diann and Tal'Shiar. In general, individuals, or small recon teams are sent on specific missions as an additional task to what ever function they already serve in the Special forces.