Richard Sharpe

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Richard Sharpe
Biographical Information







2353 (age 69)

Physical Description

6' 0"


145 lbs.





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


Starfleet Command

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Personal History

Richard Sharpe was born into humble surroundings. His father, a mere Lieutenant on the Stargazer, his mother, he never met.

He grew up around starships, and as soon as he was 16, he enlisted in Starfleet Marine Corps.

He became an excellent GI and served in multiple campaigns. He ended up the Company Sergeant aboard Starbase Arcadia.

He did his 6 month service tour on Starbase Arcadia. He liked it there. There was a desperate shortage of pilots, after the station was attacked, and as Richard had pilot's wings, he was given a field commission to Ensign to become a pilot.

He met a Lance Corporal by the name of Patrick Harper, and the two became close friends. Harper transferred into Sharpe's squadron and became his Rear Instrument Officer.

He served loyally and soon proved his value, so after a combat mission, where half the Squadron were killed off, Sharpe was made the Squadron Leader. Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade soon after, making Squadron Commander, he began rebuilding the crippled unit and after a years dedicated work. He came out a Lieutenant, and was awarded the Star Cross for Merit.

He was headhunted by Captain Simkin, and asked to lead the newly formed Marine Corps. He converted his rank to Marine Captain, and joined the USS Intrepid.

On the Intrepid, he quickly re-organized the Marine Detachment and lead a specialized unit of sharpshooters, named the "Chosen Men". These men were the finest marksmen in Starfleet Marine Corps, and would take on high profile missions. Sergeant Patrick Harper, tagged along with Sharpe, and the two got even closer than before. Now they were friends for life.

He proved his value to the newly promoted Commodore Simkin, and was promoted to Major 9 months after a successful skint as Marine Commander, as well as picking up 4 Citations for Gallantry, 2 Fleet Commendations and the Stemper Fidelis Cross 3 times.

During Operation *Storm*, Sharpe led a Company of Marines on Terris IV. They came under fire from an unknown race, and Sharpe ran infront of a Female 1st Lieutenant, by the name of Amanda Keets, to prevent her getting shot. He received extensive injuries to his leg, and was awarded the Purple Heart and the Silver Star.

He later married Amanda Keets in a ceremony performed by Commodore Simkin. She bought Richard an old military sword from the 19th Century on old earth, which Richard takes into battle with him.

The two were inseparable for over a year, until Keets gave birth to their daughter, Sarah. They were a loving family, and things seemed perfect. Richard and Amanda decided that it would be a good time to retire from Starfleet and raise their daughter. However, Amanda was selected to lead a mission on Aries VII. She was killed in the line of duty. Richard never recovered. He was left to raise Sarah.

After Commodore Simkin left the Intrepid, Sharpe was asked to become the XO of the USS Vindicator. Converting his rank to Lieutenant Commander, he joined the Vindicator until she was later destroyed.

Lieutenant Commander Sharpe wallowed around on half-pay for over 3 years, until he met Commodore Cintia Sha`mer, who offered him command of the Battalion stationed on Trilista Colony. Richard took up the assignment, and immediately began re-organizing a rather dysfunctional Battalion.

His arrival was not without note, however. His arrival, coincided with a crash landing of an escape pod, occupied by Mellissa Sulivan, the XO of the lost USS Repulse. He defied the Chief Flight Ops Officer, a Lieutenant JG Wells, who came down and gave Richard a piece of her mind. Richard tried to leave, and she threw rocks at him, so Richard pushed her into the lake. So started a wonderful tenure.

Richard's arrival at the MCB was also as eventful. He met up with Commodore Sha'mer, who had been yelled at by Lieutenant Levison, the Chief Ops, about Sharpe's attack on Wells, and Sha'mer informed Sharpe about his misconduct. At the same time, he met his new Battalion XO, Marine Captain Chris Hill, the former Commander of the Battalion, and was not happy about a new CO. Needless to say, they met in a bar, and shortly after, they got into a fight, one which Richard ended. Chris left, but not a happy man.

Richard then faced the fun task of an assassin on his tail, and had to enlist the help of the spiteful Hill to help him subdue this dangerous killer.

Richard's battalion was seconded to the USS Neptune, Trilista's resident ship, to explore the region of space around Trilista, where a formidable enemy had been removed, known as the Krivaldi. The Neptune encountered a catatonic ship, and was sent forward into the future of Trilista, where the Romulans had devastated the planets, and their future generation were battling them. Richard and the 1st Battalion lead the defense of the crashed Neptune, fighting hand on hand with Cardassians, and eventually forming a bond with the future marines on Trilista.

Richard discovered that his daughter in the future was the Commander of the marines on Trilista, and they soon met up. She was later raped, and that sent Richard in a wave of depression, and vengence. Harper helped sooth the pain by catching the rapist with Captain Hill.

Richard led an assault against the Cardassian bases, with a mixed marine/starfleet team, and in doing so, gathered some vital inteligence. He was shot, and nearly died, whilst trying to rescue the starfleet personnel who managed to get separated from the main group.

Having arrived back on Trilista, the 3rd MEU took the time to recover and mourn their fallen comrades. Richard lead a funeral/memorial for the 115 fallen. However, the adventure wasn't over yet.

Lieutenant Colonel Ernest Bilko, the MEU XO, planted a bomb in his office and blew up the MEU Command Center, killing 50 marines, including the MEU CO, Colonel Kelly. Richard and Chris Hill hunted Bilko and arrested him, but this left the MEU without a command team.

On Stardate 240408.17, Commander Sheryn, the Acting Commander of Trilista, informed Sharpe that he had been confirmed the new MEU CO of the Third, and was given a Field Commission to the rank of Acting Lieutenant Colonel.

Richard led an operation to liberate a captured Embassy on Maxis IV, where a terrorist group were massarcing the hostages. The terrorists shot down the MEU's ship, the USS Anzac, and Richard wanted revenge. The Operation went off smoothly, and the embassy was liberated. The terrorists had planted Nuclear Weapons about the city, but a team lead by Lt. Verona, secured the devices. Richard was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his actions on Maxis IV by Captain Sheryn.

Trilista was rocked by a massive earthquake, that devastated the Colony. Richard wasted no time in making the MCB the refugee center. He quickly assembled search teams and rescued several officers from the colony. One of his officers, a new arrival by the name of Major Hall, disobeyed a direct order from Admiral Sha`mer and set of some explosives to try and free the water inside the colony. The result was devastating, and Richard was forced to arrest Hall.

On Stardate 240411.06, Richard was confirmed full Lieutenant Colonel. But the event was marked by the escape of Major Hall, who then created a resistance group who attacked civilians and marines alike. During a search of the civilian sector, Richard found Ensign Randy Reinholdt, who had been raped by a member of the resistance. Richard took the woman to the MCB Hospital, and vowed revenge.

Richard led an assault against the rebels, and took a hit to the leg by a 20th Century bullet. However, in his attempts, he neutralised the Rebel forces and captured several of them, including Major Hall.

However, terrorists continued to attack the marines, and they set off an explosive device inside Halo Platoon's barracks, whilst Ricahrd, Harper, Laura and Warren were in it. The falling roof crushed the then pregnant Laura. This sent Richard into a wave of dispair, and he locked down the MCB.

After much nagging, Sha`mer got him to unlock the lockdown, and resume normal operations.

Richard then stumbled upon 4 marines who were attempting to rape a Starfleet Security Officer. Having shot all 4 in the leg, he took the young woman, and spoke to Sha`mer. They agreed that a sectioned off area of the base would be a good idea, somewhere starfleet could be safe.

Soon after, the starfleet personnel were able to reclaim part of the colony, and soon vacated the MCB. However, this wasn't the end of Richard's problems. Since the attempted rape, the marines had been branded a security risk, by no one in particular, but actions spoke louder than words did.

Whilst Richard was helping Ensign Randy Reinholdt to her new accomodation underground, she was plauged with a fit of claustraphobia, and froze at the lip of the tunnel entrance. Richard picked her up and attempted to take her to the MCB, when she snapped out of her fit, and screamed that she was being kidnapped. This, alongside the earlier rape attack, sent security headstrong into Richard, and in the insuing struggle, Richard broke Lt. Foster's jaw. Richard was taken to the Brig, but later released.

Richard then faced the unpleasant duty of his daughter's funeral. Laura was cremated in a wonderful ceremony.

In a wonderful turn of events, Sarah arrived on Trilista to come live with Richard.

It was then Richard's duty to lead the memorial service for those who had died during the earthquake and subsequent events. He recieved the Star Cross for Merit for his actions.

Richard lead a successful campaign on Tanaris V, and helped Gamma Fleet liberate Delentia colony from the Reginian threat. For his meritorious actions, he received the Distinguished Service Cross and the Fleet Achievement Medal.

Shortly thereafter, Richard was placed in command of Trilista during the defence of the colony, when Species 8472 from a mirror universe invaded the colony. Dispite overwhelming military superiority, 8472 were pushed back and eventually defeated, but not without significant damage being sustained by the Starfleet defenders.

After the battle, Richard had a strange visit from a Sir Regonald, representative of the King of England. He was informed that he was now a Lord in England, and now holds the title of Baron of Escapia.

During manouvers in the desert, a ship crashlanded on the marines. At first, the damage was minimal, to some extent, but soon a terrible virus swept the colony, causing people to loose rationality.

During this period, Richard saves Indi Hawk from a gang of rapists, but not before the harm is done, and looks after her in his house until she is fit to return to duty. It is during this event that Richard and LtCmdr Dakota, Trilista's CSec, get to know one another alot better.

A group of rouge marines, lead by MCapt. Chris Hill, set explosive charges all around Camp Fortitude, causing extensive damage. Dakota attempts to track the fugutives, and ends up getting shot. Richard leads a team to rescue Dakota from the woodlands, and get her to safety. After much planning, a joint operation is launched, between marine and starfleet officer.

This operation was two fold. First, Richard's team used Cpl. Joey Hiram as aluring bait to keep the deprived marines busy, then they would be taken out, giving Dakota's team a clear run to the cave where Hill is secluded. However, Hiram gets slashed by one of the marines as he is taken down.

In this time period, Richard learns that Sarah is now in love with Joey Hiram, and is now sleeping with her. While not being distressing, it did shock him, and later lead to a disagreement between Harper and himself. Richard instructs Harper NOT to interfere.

Richard and Dakota meanwhile, have become very close, and are dating. They decide to go on holiday together to Richard's new territory as Lord, Escapia. Before they leave however, Richard is called into Capt. Hawk's office (ACO), where he is presented the Marine Cross for his conduct during the rogue marine situation, and promoted to Colonel for his long distinguished service.

After his long stint on Trilista, Richard was recalled to Earth for personal matters. During which time, he was rotated out as CO of the 3rd MEU on Trilista. Without assignment, Richard decided to rotate back to Starfleet Academy and gain his Master Pilots Wings.

After a year of teaching, he gained his new wings, and was then re-assigned to Starfleet Command, and specifically Starfighter Command as a tactical advisor. He was approached a year later by Secretary of Defence Malone, who ordered him to take command of the 2nd Air Group, and take it to Starbase Versailles aboard the Magellen Class USS Hunter.

After a short spell on Versailles, Sharpe recieves orders to head up the new 92nd Armoured Regiment on Eden Fleet Yards, so once again converting to Marine Green, Colonel Sharpe and Patrick Harper set off to lead the men in green, along with his new love interest, Major Innovindil, who will now be his CAG.

Richard lead this unit through several intense combat missions, including a valiant defense on Terros IV, against overwhelming invading forces. His defense was aided by First Force units under the command of a Commander Roberts, an outstanding man whom Richard thought the world of.

After a year on Eden, the unit was broken up and sent to reinforce different areas of Home Fleet territory, leaving Richard without a command. He returned to Earth to spend time with his daughter, and enjoy what he would come to call a sudo-retirement, as he was left without assignment for about a year. However, he was approached by Starfleet Command and asked to head up the new Marine Expeditionary Brigade formed around the USS Enterprise and her task force.

Richard arrived on the Enterprise, where he met Rear Admiral Jason Roberts, the older brother of the Commander Roberts Richard had met on Terros. The man was nothing like his brother, and Richard wasn't sure how to rate him. Shortly after he arrived, Richard was promoted to Brigadier General, which surprised him no end.

On the Enterprise, he met Chloe De'luvia, a striking young blonde girl, whom he formed a relationship with, and promptly started dating, despite having multiple run-in's with her older brother, Commander De'luvia of First Force, and current boyfriend of Richard's best friend, Alanna Cooper.

His first mission was to help restore peace on a planet in the Delta quadrant, where he was assisted by Lt. Alanna Cooper and her First Force team. Things went bad from the start, as it appeared that the MU version of Cooper had ravished the planet with her wanton lust for death and control. The real Cooper was put on trial for her crimes, and Richard was tasked with trying to save her. He succeeded this, but not in a conventional method, earning him a serious dressing down from Adm. Roberts.

During a raid on an MU stronghold on this planet, Richard took a plasma grenade full on in the face, earning him a stint in the Enterprise's sick bay. He recovered in time to become an accessory in the MU Roberts take-over of the Enterprise, where he became Robert's XO of the Enterprise under MU control. He wasn't aware Roberts had been replaced until near the end, where he then fought with the real crew to retake the ship.

After this, Richard was re-assigned by SFMC HQ to Starbase Unity to head up the new Marine Expeditionary Force out there, fighting the Romulan's. Chloe chose to come with him on this new adventure, and Richard wanted her to come.

After his arrival, Richard had a run-in with Lt. Mumacik, chief of Task Force Security, over his personal collection of weaponry. This was not a good start for Richard, having to deal with an anal CSec, but he would win out in the end, he was sure. After arriving, and taking up his command, he was informed of a plan to assault the Romulan Star Empire. He was to play a key role in this assault, and he was anxious to start.

Whilst on Unity, preparing his new command for the upcoming assault, he recieved a call from Adm. Janeway, where she promoted him to Major General.

On Stardate 240911.22 Richard Sharpe married his long term Girlfriend, Chloe Merau, in a wonderful private ceremony aboard the USS Chimera.


  • Chloe Sharpe, 31, Wife (Deceased)

Chloe Sharpe, 26, Wife

  • Sarah Sharpe, 23, Daughter (from 1st marriage)

Sarah Sharpe, 19, daughter

  • Panda Sharpe, 12, daughter (from 2nd marriage)

Panda Sharpe, 12, daughter

Service Record

  • Assigned to Starbase Arcadia (First Assignment)
    • Starbase Arcadia - Marine
    • Starbase Arcadia - Fire Team Leader
    • Starbase Arcadia - Squad Leader
    • Starbase Arcadia - Platoon Sergeant
    • Starbase Arcadia - Pilot
    • Starbase Arcadia - Squadron Leader
  • Transferred to USS Intrepid B
    • USS Intrepid B - Marine Detachment Commander
  • Transferred to USS Vindicator
    • USS Vindicator - Executive Officer
  • Transferred to Trilista Colony
    • Trilista Colony - Battalion Commnder
    • Trilista Colony - Regiment Commander
    • Trilista Colony - MEU Commander
  • Transferred to Starfleet Academy
    • Starfleet Academy - Flight School Instructor
  • Reassigned to Starfleet Command
    • Starfleet Command - Tactical Advisor, Fighter Operations
  • Reassigned to Starbase 99 Versailles
    • Starbase 99 Versailles - Commander Air Group, 2nd Air Group
  • Transferred to Eden Fleet Yards
    • Eden Fleet Yards - Marine Detachment Commander, 92nd Armored Ranger Regiment "Ghost Riders"
  • Reassigned to USS Enterprise G
    • USS Enterprise G - 3rd MEU Commander
    • Enterprise Task Force - MEB Commander
  • Transferred to Starbase Unity (USS Chimera)
    • Starbase Unity - Marine Expeditionary Force Commander
  • Retired
  • Reactivated to Alpha Fleet
    • Alpha Fleet - Deputy Fleet Commander
  • Promoted to Starfleet Marine Corps HeadQuarters
    • Starfleet Admiralty - Marine Operations Commander
  • Transferred to Starfleet Central Command
    • Tholian Campaign - Theater Commander

Ranks and Promotions

M-e1.png Achieved rank of Private SD 239708.11
M-e2.png Promoted to Private First Class SD 239708.31
M-e3.png Promoted to Lance Corporal SD 239710.12
M-e4.png Promoted to Corporal SD 239712.29
M-e5.png Promoted to Sergeant SD 239803.15
M-e6.png Promoted to Staff Sergeant SD 239806.24
File:X-o1.png Field Commission to Ensign SD 239808.18
File:X-o2.png Promoted to Lieutenant JG SD 239810.29
File:X-o3.png Promoted to Lieutenant SD 239901.30
File:Z-o3.png Branch Transfer to Marine Captain SD 239903.23
File:Z-o4.png Promoted to Major SD 239905.18
File:X-o4.png Branch Transfer to Lt. Commander SD 239910.17
File:Z-o4.png Reinstated to Major SD 240404.18
File:Z-o5.png Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel SD 240411.06
File:Z-o6.png Promoted to Colonel SD 240511.14
File:X-o6.png Branch Transfer to Captain SD 240703.07
File:Z-o6.png Branch Transfer to Colonel SD 240705.28
File:Z-a1.png Promoted to Brigadier General SD 240809.15
File:Z-a2.png Promoted to Major General SD 240907.29
File:Z-a3.png Promoted to Lieutenant General SD 241101.14
File:Z-a4.png Promoted to General SD 241206.24

In Character Service Awards

Ribbon Award Times Recieved
Semper Fidelis Ribbon (Marine Excellence) 8
Omega Cross Ribbon (Pilot Excellence) 1
Fleet Commendation (Above Call of Duty) 4
Citation for Gallantry 11

Purple Heart (Wounded) 14

Bronze Star (Valor) 2

Distinguished Service Order (Dist. Service) 5

Legion of Honor (Marine Dist. Leadership) 3

Marine Cross (Valor) 2

Silver Star (Valor) 2
Fleet Citation (Unit Award) 5

Academy Courses

Ribbon Course
Basic SIM Guide (Email)
Security & Tactical Course
Starfleet Marine Course
Enlisted Course
Judge Advocate General Course
Starbase Course
Engineering Course
Operations Course Course
Combined Medical Course
Warrant Officer Qualification
Pilot Wings
Special Forces
Senior Officer Training

Command Course (Theory Pass)

Command Course (Practical Assessment Pass)

Flag Officer College