Rochelle Ivanova

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Rochelle Ivanova
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Captain Rochelle Andreevna Ivanova is the current Commanding Officer of the USS Vindicator. A fierce and strong woman and the former Executive and Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Griffin, she brings to the table an extensive background in all things Tactical and Strategy. Many find her coarse, and cynical nature to be abrupt and choose to please rather then cross. Rochelle's foreboding presence plays a quintessential role in keeping the science and exploration based USS Vindicator constantly ready to do battle, much to the chagrin of Star Fleet. It's her background and devoted affinity to the art of war that often puts her at odds with the diplomatic-scientific based attitude of her best friend and former Captain Captain Andrea Levine and perfectly couples and closes the ranks of the Vindicator with enough spice to keep the crew on their toes and enough suave base to keep them sane.


Born 238712.25 in St Petersburg to a Susan Andreevna Ivanova, a former Starfleet Captain and to Commander Marcus Cole, a former Medical Officer who left shortly before her birth. There was no other way then the Starfleet way in the Ivanova household. When her mother tragically passed away in 2399, Rochelle was sent to live with her aunt who did nothing more then send the rambunctious pre-teenager to boarding school that acted as a Junior Officer's Training Camp for Starfleet. It was right up Rochelle's alley. Three years later after finishing high school she took the offer of a life time and set off to Starfleet's Academy where she chose to specialize in all things Tactical much like her mother and rose up to graduate as a brilliant military mind and fearless pilot.

Paternal Involvement

Rochelle has yet to reconcile with her father who was absent throughout most of her childhood due to his inability to cope with Susan's successful career when his own was a self-deemed failure having been a Medical Officer but never filled a Command capacity position in the forty-two years he served Starfleet. He does however know that his daughter has risen through the ranks as one of Starfleet's most talented and promising young officers and at twenty two years of age was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and was already serving twice as the Executive Officer aboard the USS-Griffin-H now beneath her former Academy professor; Captain Andrea Levine.

Disappearance of USS SIRENIAN

on 239907.04 the USS Sirenian, an exploration/battle vessel commanded by Captain Susan Andreevna Ivanova was declared missing after it never showed up for a scheduled maintenance and partial refitting at Eden Shipyards. Search and rescue teams failed to turn up any trace of the ship including an ion trail. The entire crew compliment of 1200 was declared missing and presumed dead.

Return to the USS GRIFFIN

Cmdr Ivanova originally left the USS Griffin and resigned from her post as Executive Officer due to continued harassment from and conduct unbecoming of the Captain she served beneath and was assigned a Tactical/Security detail on SB 371. It wasn't until shortly after the court martial and subsequent removal of Captain James House, Rochelle was approached by Starfleet to leave her desk job and once more take up the reins aboard the USS Griffin as their Executive Officer under Captain Andrea Levine.


After the USS GRIFFIN was decommissioned , Captain Ivanova was transferred to the USS Vindicator as their Executive Officer under the first command of Captain Landon Neyes. It was her fire and perseverance that complimented the fresh Captain's calm stoic nature perfectly and lead the great ship to rise to star status once again.

During a routine first contact mission to Notura, Captain Ivanova was kidnapped and held hostage. Her rescue resulted in the death of Captain Neyes and subsequent promotion of Ivanova as the ship's Commanding Officer.

Secret Secrets


Cmdr Ivanova's number one secret is the fact that she is a latent telepath but has never explored or used her skills. She has never reported to anyone about her abilities out of fear of what may come in the future if and when telepaths are considered a security risk to Starfleet or the Alliance as a whole. The only other person who knows of her abilities is Captain William Taggart who, as a well developed telepath, discovered her talent and has kept her secret safe.


Captain James House

Shortly after originally being assigned to the USS Griffin as their Chief Tactical Officer, it became apparent that Captain James House had taken a fancy to the fresh from the academy Rochelle Ivanova. Their romance was more of a fling and was doomed straight from the beginning. His obsession would nearly kill them both as she rose from Tactical Officer to his Executive Officer under much speculation that the promotion was based on her sex appeal rather then her abilities as an officer. Ultimately his inability to cope with the fact that Ivanova was being courted and accepting the courting of his Chief Security Officer lead to a complete break down, his dismissal, and her resignation from the ship.

Orzhov Prince

During the first trial of the newly constructed USS Griffin-H, the crew encountered a new and inhospitable race hidden behind the "Shatter Zone." At first all seemed fine and dandy until at a dinner function the true intention of the Orzhov Prince became known; he intended to take Cmdr Ivanova as his wife and battle broke out much to the chagrin of Captain Levine. Luckily before a to the death stand off between Captain Taggart and the Prince could ensue, another race called the Eldar appeared and rescued the crew, including Admiral Enor, from the clutches of the Orzhov race and returned them all to their ship.

Captain William Taggart

Her relationship with Captain Taggart was one of outside speculation and well concealed from prying eyes. Their romance started off a bit tumultuous and due to repeated harassment by Captain House which ultimately lead to her leaving not only the USS Griffin, but her suitor as well. Once reunited with her old flame the romance rekindled with more then just a little hesitation on her behalf which she ultimately surrendered to. She now bears a blue biological mark representing her bonding to an Atlantean which appeared on her wrist seemingly over night and without any warning or choice. While on duty the mark is well concealed by her wrist watch.

Many members of the crew speculate their relationship although outwardly there is no concrete evidence to support it aside from the fact that the two have shared quarters since her near death experience during the battle between the USS Griffin and the Orzhov people.

Due to their bond, Ivanova is now the first and only human blooded Queen of the Atlantean people.

Captain Landon Neyes

Though forbidden by the moral and convention sense as they shared the bond of CO/XO as they served on the Vindicator, there was no denying the attraction between the dynamic duo. During an incident on the planet Notura in which Commander Ivanova was kidnapped, Captain Neyes risked everything including his career to take it upon himself to rescue her and ultimately the two professed their love for one another. Tragically as a result of the rescue, Captain Neyes passed away in the care of the Trill Symbiosis Commission, his symbiont transferred to his younger sibling; Tristan leaving Ivanova to succeed him as Commanding Officer of the Vindicator.


Art of War

An avid student of all things tactical, Capt Ivanova began to study historical forms of hand to hand combat at the tender age of seven when she was enrolled in her first Tae Kwon Do class. Finding the art to be a wee bit boring as she aged she turned her attention to various forms of hand to hand combat forms such as Wing Chun, Muai Thai, her favorite: the native Russian art; Systema SpetsNaz and even the Israeli defense art; Krav Maga. While some may find it odd, Rochelle took it within herself to study Yoga and Tai Chi as well -- her philosophy that without a strong mind one simply can't have a strong body. It's that philosophy that has seen her endure and succeed over countless impossible situations. She also firmly believes that using and combining and understanding the philosophies of several fighting and defense forms gives you the advantage regardless of size or stature.

It's these philosophies of hand to hand combat that have further empowered her drive and skill when it comes to large scale tactical warfare between ships and fighters.

Aviation History

Always with her eyes on the stars, Capt Ivanova's keen interest in aviation was evident at a young age. Where most young girls would be playing with dolls and toy horses, Rochelle found pleasure with toy aircraft of all forms. Her particular interest resides not within modern machinery but in antique and ancient flying machines from the era of the Kitty Hawk to the creation of the Lockheed S.R.71 Blackbird. Through studying and hunting over the years she's even managed to come across and obtain original Da Vinci flying machine sketches which are kept stowed away at her home on Earth in a pressurized case to keep them from falling completely apart, but they are not her only artifacts of old-world aviation. From various bone yards and collectors over the years she's formed quite a collection of various bits and pieces of metalwork, uniforms, and even engineering texts as well as old reel footage of WWII dog fights.


History repeats itself, is the motto of many including Capt Ivanova who firmly believes that by looking into the past you can tell the future. Her appreciation for ancient civilizations has proven worthy in recent times as she's served aboard the USS Griffin and come face to face with several new cultures. In private she's taken the time to categorize and compare them with ancient Earth civilizations such as the Maya, Inca, Egyptians, Syrians, Aztec, Romans, and even cultures of the Neolithic period which emphasis on the Druids and Celts. Most of her studies have been done in private and kept personal. Her newest interest is in the Atlantean culture due to her relationship with Captain William Taggart, an Atlantean Prince.


An avid equestrian, Ivanova has been trained to ride since she was a young child. She's an accomplished horsewoman having studied and ridden several different disciplines including dressage, jumping, huntseat, western pleasure, cutting and reining. She's most at home riding the trails and open deserts of the American southwest and has not ridden at show since her late teens.

Service Record

240908.24 - Graduated Starfleet Academy with an overall grade of 92% (Instructor Reddekopp)

240908.28 - Chief Tactical Officer - USS GRIFFIN

240910.22 - Executive Officer - USS GRIFFIN

241002.14 - Chief Tactical/Security Operations - SB 375

241004.25 - Executive Officer - USS GRIFFIN

241006.26 - Promotion: Lieutenant Commander

241107.08 - Promotion: Commander

241310.31 - Executive Officer: USS VINDICATOR

241406.01 - Commanding Officer: USS VINDICATOR

241406.01 - Promotion: Captain

241408.10 - Commanding Officer - USS VINDICATOR