Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire

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Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire


  • The Upper Senate
  • The Lower Senate
Meeting Place
Session Location:

Great Senate Complex, Ra'tleihfi, ch'Rihan

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The Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire or the Deihuih is the bicameral legislature of the imperal government of the Romulan Star Empire, consisting of the Upper Senate, its upper house, and the Lower Senate, its lower house. The Senate meets at the Great Senate Complex in Ra'tleihfi located on ch'Rihan.

This branch of the government is the largest branch. While the Lower Senate is elected into office, the members of the Upper Senate are appointed to office. The Lower Senate proposes and passes legislation, and the appointed Upper Senate, which exists strictly to veto legislation. This structure seems to have provided a stable legislative base which prevents the passing of large amounts of revolutionary legislation and promotes stability.

The Upper Senate

The Upper Senate is comprised of appointed seats for the leading members of the Great Houses and Military Branches. The Upper Senate's main role is to review legislation passed by the lower house, and to vote on whether or not to veto or allow passage. Often the upper senate will change legislation in favor of their power bloc and return it to the lower senate for reevaluation.

Also the Upper Senate hosts the heads of every military department, so the Romulan Military is well represented in the Upper Senate. All the Senate seats in the Upper Senate are permanent, the military seats are less so, depending on what person controls that department of their branch in the military.

The Lower Senate

The Lower Senate is the main bulk of the Senate. Elected officials from all across the Empire make up this large body. Consisting of over 1000 members the Lower Senate draws up legislation and policy. Lead by the Senate Speaker, who controls the legislative agenda, the Senators in the lower senate often debate in specific committees before introducing their agenda to the main floor.

Due to its vast size, and the large area of space the Star Empire encompasses, there are lower senate buildings in each region's capital. The largest is in the senate complex on ch'Rihan, while there are two smaller senate complexes on ch'Revellion (Northern Capital) and ir'Rak Prime (Eastern Capital)