Science Department

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From sensor readings to figuring out a way to enter the strange spacial anomaly, the science department is responsible for recording data, testing new ideas out, and making discoveries.

Chief Science Officer

The Chief Science Officer is responsible for all the scientific data the ship/facility collects, and the distribution of such data to specific section within the department for analysis. S/he is also responsible with providing the ship's captain with scientific information needed for command decisions.

S/he also is a department head and a member of the Senior Staff and responsible for all the crew members in her/his department and duty rosters.

Associate Science Officer

The Assistant Chief Science Officer assists Chief Science Officer in all areas, such as administration, and analysis of scientific data. The Assistant often take part in specific analysis of important data along with the Chief Science Officer, however spends most time overseeing current project and their section heads.

Science Officer

There are several general Science Officers aboard each vessel. They are assigned to their duties by the Chief Science Officer and his Assistant. Assignments include work for the Specialized Section heads, as well as duties for work being carried out by the Chief and Assistant.

Common Science Fields of Study:

  • Biology: The study of living Organisms and ecosystems
  • Botany: Study of Planets and their sustaining environment
  • Chemistry: The study of Physical properties of Matter
  • Physics: The study of energy and its interactions in matter
  • Geology: Studies study of Rocks and minerals and planetary environments
  • Astronomy: The study of Celestial objects and their interactions
  • Historian: Studies societies, cultures, and events
  • Forensic: Study of how living organisms died
  • Linguistics: Study of Languages
  • Cybernetics: Mechanicalized innovation (included in science for research)