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Holo-imagining is the fundamental modeling device of the 25th century. Although, technically the system was utilized in time periods as early as the 22nd century, the image today is used in conjunction with the ships computer and holodeck. The tricorder can also link to the modeling display to allow scans to be represented through the holo-imagining device. Additionally, medical devices can generate an image of the life form's physical status. (image by: Arcos )


Lab Synthesizer

Different from food replicators and engineering synthesizers, the Lab synthesizer is capable of reacting synthesized chemicals to derive known chemicals for the lab. Additionally, medical synthesizers in the bio-hazard lab are capable of generating medicines. Some of the lab synthesizers also have this feature. Typically, the device contains a reactive chamber for material generation. Synthesized materials are usually already in a container when the synthesis is complete.

(image by: Arcos )


Basic Reactive Chamber

The reactive chamber of the 25th is similar to the vented hoods of the 21st. In addition to venting out harmful toxins, the device also doubles as a centrefuge. Larger Reactive chambers are typically for use in larger labs and hazard labs. In most cases, the reactive chamber can remotely activated in the event that a conatainment field is inplace. The device is often also equipped with a sensory device to give mass, volume, pressure, and temperature.(image by: Arcos)


Saftey Suit/Chemical Shower

Working with lab materials can result in an emergency contamination. The Saftey shower can remove toxins on the body exterior. An accident report should always be filed when the shower is utilized. The image picture can be utilized by two persons.
Additionally, some labs are equipped with safety suits. Safety suits are no replacement for Environmental suits, but they do have limited environment self sustainment for up to 4 hours. (images by: Arcos)


Waste disposal

All waste and lab materials not utilized should be disposed of properly. Remember that even the smallest particle could be a contamination disaster. Look for the "Red or Orange Filling Cabinet". In the case of Bio-hazards, a different container with a red hazard label should be utilized. Bio hazards and lab waste are destroyed immediately after entering the containment box beneath the deck casing. In most situations, even if the de-synthesis is malfunctioning the waste area is cealed for isolated storage.

Additionally, each lab has a sonic cleanser to cleanse hands prior to and after each lab. The sonic cleanser may also be used to cleanse glassware for decontamination purpose. Some sonic cleansers are equipped with sensory for uploading scans of contained specimens in a ceiled glassware container, known as "Dual purpose sonic imager and cleanser device".

(images by: Arcos)


Emergency Kits

All Labs are quipped with Emergency Kits located near every lab entrance and an Emergency Exit (excluding Bio-hazard lab). Although Kits vary in every lab, common containments include: Cardio-stimulator, Bandages, Hypo-sprays, Medicines, Emergency blanket, Food, Water, Lighting, Flares, Emergency Rope-line, Dermal regenerator, and Tri-corder. Items are stacked in two inner compartments. Once the kit is open, lift the top tray to get to second compartment. (Images by: Arcos)


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