Sean Morgan

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Sean Morgan
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April 10, 2386 (age: 33)

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Political Information

USS Bismark


Security Officer


Lieutenant Junior Grade

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"I don't condemn, I don't convert
Yeah, this is a calling, have you heard?
Bring all the lovers to the fort
'Cause no one is gonna lose their soul
    —Ziggy Marley, Love Is My Religion

Sean Morgan is a security officer aboard the USS Bismark. He was born in Killarney, Ireland on Earth April 10th, 2386 to Aideen and Sebastian Morgan. He has five siblings: Breandan Morgan, Ciara Hendricks and Briana Morgan-Schlotte older than him, and Desmond Morgan and Odhran Morgan younger. His goal is to find a woman who enjoys living in space as much as he does, and to settle down into a cozy family life.


Sean went through the Academy with Pond, meeting her their Federation history class. After Pond started tutoring him, they took to being sparring partners as part of their morning gym routine. The two ended up posted together to the USS Victoria, but when Pond was transferred suddenly, she didn't get a chance to tell him where she was headed.

Growing up, he'd spend hours outside at night, be it on the shores of the lakes of Killarney, or on the beaches of Jamacia where his father grew up, and just gaze up at the stars. As much as he loved the lush greens of Ireland, and the warm tropical climate of Jamaica, he never completely felt at home in either. This lead to him joining Starfleet. Now that he's had a taste of life in wide open vacuum of space, he'll only go planet side in small doses.

Sean always sees the pint glass as half-full, nearly always has a smile on his face, and will execute orders given to him with a spring in his step and without a moment's hesitation. He's always happy to weigh in on any problem he sees, offers advice liberally and will always help a person out if it looks like they need a hand.

Sean's a team player, and he'll form a strong bond with anyone who treats him with even a little bit of respect. This makes him an asset in a department like security, where being able to coordinate actions, present a united front, and work closely together are the things that can make the department successful.

He can get distracted easily if he does not have his tasks clearly laid out for him. Given a choice between studying up on something that would move him forward within the ranks, or going and playing Rugby in the holodeck, he'll always choose the Rugby.


Sean is an avid fan of Rugby, having played in high school. Now, nearly all his free time is spent watching holo-recorded matches, getting into pub brawls over the outcome, and playing the game itself in a couple of the more authentic programs he's been able to find.

His latest favorite is the training program his brother was able to get for him, which is the same one used by the Killarny RFC for training and practice.

Service Record

Year Age Rank Position
2404 18 Recruit Recruited to Starfleet Academy
2408 22 Cadet Graduation from Starfleet Academy
2408 22 Bachelors in Criminal Justice
2408 22 Ensign Security Officer, USS Victoria
2409 23 Security Officer, USS Griffin
2412 24 Lieutenant jg  Security Officer, USS Bismark


  • Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer (241102.13) - While drunk on Starbase 375, Sean made a scene of himself in an attempt to woo an officer who was unknown to him at the time and outranked him. In the course of this, he unintentionally provoked a fight with a Klingon officer from the visiting vessel Negh'Var.