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The following is a list of official Starbase Design templates that have been developed and approved in conjunction with Starfleet R&D

Starbase Classifications

During the design process, Starbases are developed with a particular focus of foci in mind in terms of the role it will be expected to serve and it's location. Different cultures have nearly uniform traits built into all of their designs, such as Federation Starbases being multi-purpose, but ultimately each ship class it designed to excel at a particular function or functions above the others it might be capable of.

Shipyard: A shipyard is a facility where starships are constructed, repaired, or refitted. Drydocks are often found at shipyards.

Spacedock: A space based facility in which a starship can dock to take on supplies and crew or undergo repairs and maintenance. Spacedocks vary from simple shipyards which can accommodate a single starship to huge starbase facilities which can house many vessels.

Research Station: A research station (also called a space laboratory or science station) was a facility specializing in scientific research. Research stations could be space stations or surface facilities. Research stations often performed scientific research that was too dangerous to conduct in populated areas. Some stations, like the Regula I Space Laboratory, also conducted highly classified research.

Outpost: An outpost is a term which is applied to any base or settlement that are based on frontiers, which serves a multitude of purposes, including research and defense.

Colony: A colony is a settlement that is established on a planet by a spacefaring race not native to that planet. Colonies can serve different purposes for different races, such as agricultural colonies, scientific colonies, or commercial colonies. Colonies of the United Federation of Planets start out as small outposts with a population of a few hundred, and eventually expand to hold hundreds of thousands and join the Federation themselves.

Deep Space: May also be considered an outpost, deep space stations are located far from the core of the Federation, most often at the fringes or just past the fringes of Federation space.

Military/Defense: While Starfleet is a peaceful and exploratory organization it does keep strictly military bases in operation. These bases are most often run by MACOs and often do not allow any civilian presence on them. They are usually situated near the frontiers and areas where hostility is constant so they may provide defense and other military support.

Medical: Medical Stations are dedicated to medical research and providing medical care. They are located throughout the Federation and normally have a mix of Civilian and Starfleet personnel.

Diplomatic: Diplomatic starbases are normally located near non-aligned allied home space, such as the Klingon or Romulan Star Empire. These bases are only defensive armed and do not keep a large array of armed starships. They are run by the Diplomatic Corps and usually have only a minimal Starfllet crew to keep the base running and an assortment of Ambassadors, Aides and Envoys to handle Diplomatic relations.

Resupply: Resupply bases are set up at points along standard ship lanes of travel and on the frontiers to provide a starship with a place to stop and take on supplie and/or fresh personnel.

Dual-Purpose/Multi-role: The designations given to starships varies considerably, and often times design finalization will fit more than a single classification. The Director of Reseach and Development is responsible for ensuring that designs approved for prototype or general construction are given the appropriate role designations.

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