Starfleet's Fleet Organization

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At present, Starfleet has multiple vessels, colony's, starbases, outposts and facilities. All of these are managed administratively by Starfleet Command. Under the umbrella of Starfleet Command, you will find the Fleet Staff - who manage day to day operations of the fleet.

The fleet itself is operationally split into formations and geographical commands.

Formations =

Individual Task Forces are given numerical designations, from which all smaller formation structures base their own numerical designations upon, based on the order of their formation, which often times will also conform to a general regional location as the need for more Task Forces can be proportional to the amount of territory Starfleet needs to cover. This, however, is usually coincidental and is by no means an operational policy.

When the fleets are called into action they are generally organized into groups for a specific purpose, usually strategic, and these organizational groupings appear and disappear frequently based on the conditions and demands placed upon Starfleet. So, Starfleet is considered the 1st Fleet, which would have the designation (1) while a Task Force within 1st Fleet would have a subsequent numerical designation, such as (1.1). A Task Group within a Task Force would share it's parent formation's designation with the added subsequent number, such as (1.1.1). Smaller formations such as Strike or Patrol Groups do not use numerical designations, but rather just their Group names as they are too small to be deployed too far from the parent group in most cases.

Below are the standard Formation guidelines of internal Fleet structures, though quite often situations will require that some exceptions be made to accommodate the circumstances.

Each formation, with the exception of Flotilla/Patrol must be commanded by either a Fleet Captain or a Flag officer. A Flotilla/Patrol may be commanded by a Captain or Commander, depending on size of formation and size/classes of vessels.

Unit Name Vessel types Number of ships Officer in command
Starfleet All vessels in Starfleet All ships Fleet Admiral
Fleet A massive force of ships. 100+ ships Admiral
Task Force A large number of vessels of all types 50 - 100 Vice Admiral
Task Group A collection of complementary vessels 30 - 50 Rear Admiral
Battle Group Usually capital ships 15-30 Commodore or Rear Admiral
Strike Group Usually not capital ships 10-15 Fleet Captain or Commodore
Flotilla Usually not capital ships 3 - 9 Captain or Commander

Geographical Commands

Geographical commands are officers who are responsible for the operations of Starfleet and other fleet organisations in a specific area of space. These are broken down into four key sizes.

A Sector Command is the command of a specific sector of space, such as the Zetari Sector or the Bajor Sector. The officer assigned to this position is responsible for all vessels and facilities in this area, and usually commands all small formations attached to it's command sphere. Larger formations, such as Battle Groups, Task Groups, Task Forces and Fleets do not fall under the control of Sector Command.

A Sector Block Command is a larger version of a Sector Command, but in this instance, the officer is responsible for two sectors, and would operationally supervise Sector Commanders under them, if any were assigned. In most cases, a Sector Block Command is granted where the need for individual sector commanders is irrelevant or wasteful.

A Sector Quad Command is even larger still, with the command of four sector blocks, giving the officer in question command over eight sectors of space. This is normally a supervisory position to command sector commanders and sector block commanders. However, it is possible in larger expanse areas, that a Sector Quad Commander has no subordinate Sector Commanders, and is the operational commander for eight sectors. This does tend to be somewhat exceptional, or in areas of few assets.

A Quadrant Command is full command over all forces in a specific quadrant of the known galaxy. The Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma Quadrants all have their own assigned commanders to supervise all operations within them. They report directly to the Chief of Staff for Starfleet.

Command Size Officer in command
Quadrant Command A Quadrant Admiral
Sector Quad Eight Sectors Vice Admiral
Sector Block Two Sectors Rear Admiral
Sector One Sector Commodore or Rear Admiral