Starfleet Joint Special Operations Command

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Starfleet Joint Special Operations Command
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Starfleet Special Operations Command


United Federation of Planets




Joint Activity


Special Operations



OOC Command Staff
OOC Chief Executive:


Command Staff

Appointment Pending

Special Operations Commander:
Major General

Major General Nicholas Dramont
Special Operations Co-Ordinator:

Commander Tucker Hill
Directors & Liaison
Marine Corp Commandant:

General Alexander Steele
Director of Starfleet Intelligence:
Vice Admiral

Vice Admiral Chris Douglas

Commander, First Force:

Captain Shrisoan th'Raazhi

Starfleet Intelligence Liaison:

Appointment Pending

Starfleet Marine Corps Liaison:

Appointment Pending

First Force Liaison:

Appointment Pending


The Starfleet Joint Special Operations Command (SJSOC) is a component command of Starfleet Special Operations Command (SSOC) and is charged to study special operations requirements and techniques to ensure interoperability and equipment standardization, plan and conduct special operations exercises and training, and develop Joint Special Operations Tactics.

It was established in 1980 on recommendation of then-Commodore Jason Roberts and then-Lieutenant General Paul Conway.

It is located at Fort McDill in Flordia, USA.


In 2407, Commodore Jason Roberts, the Commanding Officer of First Force and Lieutenant General Paul Conway, the newly appointed Chief of Starfleet Intelligence realized that by pooling the resources and intelligence of First Force and the Starfleet Intelligence Agency the success of missions and special operations within the United Federation of Planets would become radically streamlined and more effective.

With subtle persuasion they managed to bring in then-Brigadier General Nrrlon and the Starfleet Marine Corps to complete the Special Operations Trinity which they named the Combined Special Operations Directorate (CSOD).

Brigadier General Nrrlon provided them with Fort MacDill in Florida on Earth as the base of operations and once furnished by First Force and kitted out with Starfleet Intelligence's special computers Fort MacDill was staffed by members of all three operational groups and jointly ran by specially appointed delegates of each branch commander.

The unit was renamed the Starfleet Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).


The mission objective of the JSOC is to promote unity within the field of Special Operations to achieve greater cohesion and effectiveness by the means of shared resources. Information is passed from the separate branches to Fort MacDill and is then distributed in a special communications package via JSOC relays to each branch commander (and forwarded internally to the delegate liaison officers). This combined with regular meetings and a more open-door system of information gathering allows the ease of sharing information and resources for the completion of special operations.

With each branch retaining its own independence it now has another dimension added to it, that of cohesion and coherence with the other branches of the Trinity. With the CSOD Directive now in place it means that the Federation gets only the best of the best when concerning special operations.

Units Assigned to Trinity Tower

Joint Special Operations Command

A dedicated staff maintain day-to-day operations for the joint services. These include the following personnel:-

Special Operations Co-Ordinator File:N-o5.png Tucker Hill Aza
Special Operations Co-Ordinator File:N-o5.png Joan Campbell Aza

Starfleet Marine Corps


Unique among all other divisions, the Starfleet Marines acts as a joined entity within Starfleet. All marines, officers and enlisted, are not only trained on Earth but in the Alpha Centauri in Beta Quadrant.

The Marines represents the practical reality that, despite the vaunted ideals of the Federation which Starfleet embodies, they exist in a continuously hostile and aggressive galaxy and require a dedicated military arm to deter hostile actions and provide a dedicated force of soldiers to augment Starfleet's otherwise defensively-oriented military operations. The Commandant of the Marine Corps is responsible for directing the divisions and major Marine assets throughout the Fleet and coordinating with the Directors Strategic Operations & Starfleet Intelligence in ensuring the continued defense of the Federation.

Commander, Marine Operations M-a4.png Richard Sharpe Frankie

Marine SOP


Starfleet Intelligence maintains a presence at Fort MacDill consisting of members from most internal departments within Starfleet Intelligence and a few individuals assigned specific roles in relation to JSOC.

Head of Operations File:N-o4.png Arthur Webb Jaeger
Intelligence Advisor File:N-o5.png Greg Hughes Jaeger
Chief Analyst File:N-o3.png Erin Turner Jaeger

Starfleet Intelligence Agency SOP