Starfleet Science

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Starfleet Science
General Information
Agency's Role: Science
Agency Information
Agency Abbreviation: SFSCI
Agency Headquarter Location: Starfleet Headquarters, San Fransisco
Agency Head's Name: Commander Malcolm DeMeritt
Agency Head Title: Director of Starfleet Science
Parent Agencies: Starfleet
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Starfleet Science (also known as Science Ops or Office of Science Ops) is a division of Starfleet that is responsible for collecting and analyzing scientific data.

Starfleet Science is responsible for developing the theories used in creating the prototypes for the modified polaron emitters that were to be used to expose Gowron as a changeling. They believed that exposure to polaron radiation given off by these emitters would have a destabilizing effect on the changeling's morphogenic matrix forcing him to revert to his natural state.