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Biographical Information







January 6, 2385 (age: 37)

Physical Description







Dark Purple

Political Information

Starfleet Academy


Fighter Pilot Instructor



Played By:


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Personal History


  • Parents
    • Father: Kaug, Reginal Nagus to the Federation
    • Mother: Repat
  • Brother
    • Grock

Physical Description

Typical Ferengi proportions, slightly shorter than most Ferengi, but in much better shape and physical condition.


Optimistic and positive most of the time. However his family is a major concern for him, and he usually does not lend much to discussions with or about family.

  • Languages:
    • Ferengi
    • English
    • Japanese
    • Cardassian


Steck was born in 2385 on Ferenginar. His Father was one of the richest Ferengi alive was the owner of a large scale transportation company. This being so Steck grew up with the best of everything. When he was 14 it was uncovered that father had been illegally transporting highly reactive materials in and out of Starfleet territory with sub quality containers. As punishment for being caught the FCA confiscated 95% of his father's profits. When this happened his father moved the family to Risa, where they had a home that the FCA had no knowledge of. While here Steck and his older brother Grock spent time with the Starfleet officers who were on leave. As the time went on Steck and his father became more and more hostile with each other and eventually both Steck and his brother made the decision to join Star Fleet.

When Steck came to earth he and his brother shared an apartment in Tokyo, Japan. This was because of the incredibly delicious Hu-mon food known as sushi. Steck was only 15 when they first arrived, a year to young to attend the Academy. However his brother was 17 and applied immediately. He was accepted on the provision that he complete the Academy Preparatory Class. This was because the Ferengi school system was primarily focused on earning profit. Steck however, in the year before he could attend, enrolled into Harvard University to study Theoretical Engineering. Here he met a prosessor that changed his life, this mans name was Professor Mulqueen. He taught Steck to observe the Universe around him. When Steck was 16 he chose to remain in School in Paris for a total of 4 years and in that time attained several Doctoral degrees in advanced Engineering. It was not until now that Steck applied for the academy.

Steck was accepted into the class of 2408. At this same time Grock was graduating from the academy, after graduating he entered Medical school. In the beginning of his Academy years Steck had problems with the other Cadets. They resented him for being a Ferengi. It was not until he finally stood up for himself and explained how Latinum had destroyed his father life and that he would not let it destroy his that people relaxed about him. While in the academy he excelled in all classes except for physical combat. He also joined the academies track team, over the years he would win 3 silver medals.

While Steck was in his junior year at the academy one of his classes required that he trace his ancestry back as far as possible. Not being from Earth he thought that he would have to contact Ferenginar for his lineage, but he took a chance and look in the Star Fleet computer for information. As soon as the information was entered he a picture of his father popped up and listed his various offenses, when he dug a little deeper Steck found out that his second maternal grandmother was a Hu-mon. Apparently she was a member of Starfleet who was on a deep space assignment and was captured by an unknown race at the time, it was later discovered that the race were known as Ferengi. She eventually managed to escape but not before she was impregnated by this "large eared, balled, orange skinned race".

When Steck found this out he was shocked. He sent a subspace communication to his family on Risa telling them what he had found. His mother informed him that she had no idea about it, and that she never knew her mother or grandfather, she had been raised by her father alone. While this really did not change who Steck was it explained a few things like why he, his brother, and his mother had a lighter complexion than most Ferengi and why he was so easily able to abandon his lust for Latinum. Still he went about his life in the Academy.

When Steck graduated he did so as 3rd in his class. He was never able to wrap his mind around a psychology class he had in his senior year. Steck's first assignment upon graduation was a acting Chief Engineering Officer on the USS Enterprise-G. He was eventually Promoted to Lieutenant(jg) and Chief Engineering Officer USS Enterprise. On SD 240901.20 Steck was reassigned to First Forces Special Operations Unit 8 Team 28 on Earth, as a Tech Operator, this was considered a special assignment. =/\= {{{{Further Information Regarding FFSO Special Assignment L028.3 is Classified and Restricted to Level 7 Alpha Clearance}}}}=/\= When the special assignment was over Steck, rather than return to the Enterprise went on an ELOA. During this period Steck attended the Daystrom institute and eared several Doctoral Degrees in Astronomy (Astrophysics, Physical Cosmology ect.)Steck is currently on detachment to the academy as an instructor.


  • Ferengi Home Schooling
  • Harvard University
    • 2400-2404
  • Starfleet Academy
    • 2404-2408
  • Daystrom Institute
    • 2410-2412