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Romulan Star Empire


Imperial Army


Protection Force

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Command Staff
Commanding Officer:

Dais`Enarrain Thue tr'Tela

Directors & Liaison

The Tal'Prai'ex, or the Praetorian Guard, is a Romulan military force that protects the Praetor, Senators, and other dignitaries the Praetor desires to place under their protection.

The Tal Prai'ex answers only to the Praetor and is unswervingly loyal to the office. Praetors with military experience often appoint former military colleagues and subordinates to the Tal'Prai'ex upon their installation, and garner many military supporters through the promise of a position in the Tal'Prai'ex as a reward for loyalty and service.

By tradition, the Tal'Prai'ex is made up of a full legion of Romulan troops, along with the various support personnel and resources necessary to maintain them. The Tal'Prai'ex has its own ships as well, including a fleet of D'deridex-class warbirds and support vessels. Traditionally, only the Tal'Prai'ex may keep armed vessels in orbit around Romulus.

The primary duties of the Tal'Prai'ex include attending the Praetor at all public and ceremonial functions and escorting the Praetor wherever he may travel. On occasions when the Praetor must leave Romulus, he always travels on the flagship of the Tal'Prai'ex, escorted by other vessels.

In addition to ceremonial duties, the Tal'Prai'ex make a useful resource for the Praetor. Praetors have used members of the Guard as their personal agents, spies and assassins to carry out missions too sensitive to entrust to anyone else (especially if the Praetor happens to be out of favor with the Tal'Shiar). Members of the Guard are sometimes appointed to positions on ships or outposts in the camp of particular senators, either to support the Praetor's allies or to spy on their political enemies.

It is rumored the Praetor has Guard members within the Tal'Shiar, to keep watch over the secret police and report any indications of disloyalty or deception. However, there is talk the Tal'Shiar has agents in the Tal'Prai'ex as well. Thus, the Tal'Prai'ex and the Tal'Shiar act as checks on each other's potentially dictatorial power.



The Khoilmnriir nnea na khoilmnriir (Commandant of the Praetorain Guard) is the highest-ranking person of the Tal'Prai'ex. .


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