Task Force 1.1

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Task Force 1.1
Task Force Basic Information
Area of Operations:

Alpha, Gamma Quadrants

Task Force Headquarters:

Starbase Zetari

Task Force Command Staff
Task Force Commanding Officer:
Task Force Executive Officer:
Appointment Pending


The general name given to the Task Force tasked with protecting the Alpha Quadrant and exploring the Gamma Quadrant.

At present, it is made up of approximately 500 starships and 15 starbases and planetary outposts. It is also the political connection to the Cardassian Union, Bajorian Alliance, The Dominion, The Hydran Kingdom, The Breen Confederacy and other Alpha and Gamma Quadrant Governments. Operational oversight includes the 1st Fleet.

Fleet Headquarters: Starbase Zetari


In 2412, elements of Task Force 2.1 were folded into Task Force 1.1 and placed under the command of the Task Force Commanding Officer. In 2413, Task Force 1.1 was destroyed.

Task Force CO History