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"Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle."
“I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”

--Lewis Carroll
Alice Adventures in Wonderland

From the outside Teá looks like a typical Trill; Teá is very beautiful she has long milk chocolatey hair and very vibrant hazel/red eyes, like Trills the typical spots but they're lighter in color then of a full Trill. The one off thing about her and the only Ocampa physical attribute is multiple skin folds over their ears.

Teá did not know about her Ocampa side for all of her childhood and most of her teen years. It wasn't until a few years before she joined the Marines that she learned about her Ocampan side. Especially when it came to her memory; Ocampans are famous for their eidetic memory, which allows her to remember and recall anything that she sees.

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Teá Black
Biographical Information

Ocampa-Trill (unjoined) Hybrid




2388 (age 32)

Physical Description

160cm (5'2")


54kg (119lbs)


Milk Chocolate



Political Information



USS Vindicator


Intelligence Officer


Lieutenant Junior Grade
Played By:


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The beginning's of Teá's life are dark dark secret mixed with mad science, essentially she's a test-tube baby. Prior to the MiLex Amalgamated's intense search for prolonging life they were heavily interested in gentics, mainly if a birth could happen without a living host. They were also highly interested in creating a super-species by combining the best of each species genetics but they started small with just combing a couple of different species. MiLex's did one experiment with this thesis; the test subject was subject 804A Teá a mix of Ocampa, for their mental abilities and Trill, to see if a symbiont could be joined.

Once subject 804A was genetically mixed with Ocampa and Trill DNA the fertilized egg was put in a box with liquid mixture similar to what would be in a womb along with a IV attached to the egg acting as n umbilical cord. The first few days were crucial this was were the cells would start splitting and forming the child, and amazingly enough subject 804A did just that. As the pregnancy continued and actual limbs started to appear more and more IVs were added to allow for more and more compounds added to make sure the growth continued throughout the pregnancy. Even after the birth she was kept in the womb until year one; allowing for several tests and more chemicals to be added to her body.

They were even hoping to increase the effectiveness of the Ocampa empathic abilities by synthesizing the chemicals that creates the empath abilities. But all the simulations showed that the brain couldn't handle all the extra synthesized chemicals. It was also highly predicted the subject would also most likely go insane and would most likely end up catatonic; which was also later explored and is still producing some interesting findings.

Before she even reached year one she was kidnapped by a scientist who apparently grew a conscious; he was able to escape and was able to make it to Qualor II a planet that had a Zakdorn colony. On Qualor II the scientist was able to find a couple; the Black's, they weren't able to have children of their own and were surprised and shocked at first, but after hearing the story they agreed to keep her safe. Shortly after all the paper work was done; completely forged and faked but than buried under layers and layers of bureaucracy, the Black family headed back towards Earth, but made a home on Corinth IV.

Without any previous schooling she had to join as an enlisted which didn't matter to her. She just wanted something where she was part of something bigger. After boot camp and some more specialized training in heavy weapons and demolitions she was assigned to Fox Company, 2nd Platoon which was led by 1Lt Danny Quinn.

PFC Black was assigned to a machine gun fire team with a corporal leading it and then two Privates. Fox Company was apart of the 704th MEU which was assigned to protecting some of the smaller Federation colonies from pirate raids and other groups. After a particular bloody skirmish with a rather large space nomads Teá was promoted to lance corporal and was heading up her own fire team within 2nd Platoon.

Fox Company then was attached to a Marine transport where they could be dispatched quickly within their theater of operation. Fox company then spent several tours clearing out raider and pirate bases both in space and on the ground. Through all of this Teá achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant leading her own squad and being 2nd Platoon's XO.

After a couple more tours she was approached by StarFleet Intelligence which she found odd. And with her commanding officers signing off on this she started working as an Starfleet Intelligence operative mainly gathering intelligence. She mainly was gather intel on small but powerful smuggling rings that dealt in illegal technology and weapons.

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Teá did this for several months before she decided to go back to the academy and get her officer pips. And with her history with the Marines she naturally ended up in security. She came out as an Ensign instead of an cadet. And was assigned to SB 375 as an security officer she rose to the rank of lieutenant junior grade before Starfleet Intelligence called upon her again to keep an eye on her friend and mentor Danny Quinn. She is now a security officer on the USS Griffin working with Starfleet Intelligence.

After the Griffin was decommissioned Teá floated around for awhile doing odd jobs for Starfleet Intelligence, mainly clean-up jobs which would later send her down a dangerous rabbit hole in which she is still trying to climb out of. As she did more and more of these jobs she was getting pushed further and further out into the cold as well as being isolated. Which for Starfleet Intelligence was a good thing as if things became public they had a escape goat in Teá, but what no one knew not even Teá herself was that she was uncovering parts of her past.