Teá Black

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Teá Black
Biographical Information

Ocampan-Trill (unjoined) Hybrid




2388 (age 32)

Physical Description

160cm (5'2")


54kg (119lbs)


Raven Black


Light Green

Political Information

Starfleet Marine Corps


USS Vindicator


Marine Intelligence Officer


First Lieutenant

Played By:


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"Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle."
“I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”

--Lewis Carroll
Alice Adventures in Wonderland

From the outside Teá looks like a typical Trill; Teá is very beautiful she has long raven black hair and very pale light green eyes, like Trills the typical spots but they're lighter in color then of a full Trill. The one off thing about her and the only Ocampa physical attribute is multiple skin folds over their ears.

Teá did not know about her Ocampa side for all of her childhood and most of her teen years. It wasn't until a few years before she joined the Marines that she learned about her Ocampan side. Especially when it came to her memory; Ocampans are famous for their eidetic memory, which allows her to remember and recall anything that she sees.


The beginning's of Teá's life are dark dark secret mixed with mad science, essentially she's a test-tube baby. Prior to the MiLex Amalgamated's intense search for prolonging life they were heavily interested in gentics, mainly which species could create hybrids while still allowing for certain natural abilities to occur. MiLex's last experiment with this was test subject 804A "Teá"; the mix was Ocampa for their mental abilities and Trill to see if a symbiont could be joined.

Instead of using an actual female for the implantation of the fertilized egg MiLex went a different route; again in the name of science, basically to prove a fertilized egg could be carried through the stages of pregnancy without being in a living womb. After many many months of failed attempts they finally achieved it.

Without any previous schooling she had to join as an enlisted which didn't matter to her. She just wanted something where she was part of something bigger. After boot camp and some more specialized training in heavy weapons and demolitions she was assigned to Fox Company, 2nd Platoon which was led by 1Lt Danny Quinn.

PFC Black was assigned to a machine gun fire team with a corporal leading it and then two Privates. Fox Company was apart of the 704th MEU which was assigned to protecting some of the smaller Federation colonies from pirate raids and other groups. After a particular bloody skirmish with a rather large space nomads Teá was promoted to lance corporal and was heading up her own fire team within 2nd Platoon.

Fox Company then was attached to a Marine transport where they could be dispatched quickly within their theater of operation. Fox company then spent several tours clearing out raider and pirate bases both in space and on the ground. Through all of this Teá achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant leading her own squad and being 2nd Platoon's XO.

After a couple more tours she was approached by StarFleet Intelligence which she found odd. And with her commanding officers signing off on this she started working as an SIA operative mainly gathering intelligence. She mainly was gather intel on small but powerful smuggling rings that dealt in illegal technology and weapons.

Teá did this for several months before she decided to go back to the academy and get her officer pips. And with her history with the Marines she naturally ended up in security. She came out as an Ensign instead of an cadet. And was assigned to SB 375 as an security officer she rose to the rank of lieutenant junior grade before SIA called upon her again to keep an eye on her friend and mentor Danny Quinn. She is now a security officer on the USS Griffin working with SIA.