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Command Staff

|unit=(Enter any value if 'Unit Information' heading to be displayed; leave blank if for over-arching military organisation e.g. Starfleet, as opposed to 11th Fleet)
|cincsf=C-in-C Starfleet
|csf=Commander, Starfleet
|cossf=Chief of Staff, Starfleet
|mcposf=MCPO of Starfleet
|cmdtsfmc=Commandant of SFMC
|dcmdtsfmc=Deputy Commandant of SFMC
|sgtmajsfmc=Sergeant Major of SFMC
|cosfdept=Chief of Starfleet Department
|mcpodept=MCPO of Starfleet Department


The purpose of this template is to provide some more specific 'Command Staff' options for Starfleet and it's affiliated organisations and departments, rather than to over-populate the more generic Military template. An alternative template for more generic military articles where the command staff are wanted in inclusion is provided at Template:Military/CommandStaff