Transphasic Torpedo

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Technology Data
Name Transphasic Torpedo
Type Torpedo
Introduced 2378
Affiliation Federation
TechStatus Special Approval
Contributor Czarr Rom

The Transphasic Torpedo is a Starfleet weapon developed in the 2380s but originally deployed by Starfleet during a temporal incident during the late 2370s.


The Transphasic Torpedo was first used in 2378 aboard the USS Voyager after the technology was passed to the ship's Captain, Kathryn Janeway, by an alternate future version of herself.

The future Janeway, now an Admiral, passed the technology to the Voyager using banned temporal technology, in the hope that the new weapon would enable the ship that had been stranded in the Delta Quadrant to return back to Earth more rapidly than it had originally happened.

The weapon was used by Voyager to allow access to a Borg transwarp hub allowing faster transit back to Earth. The weapon was used to destroy three Borg cubes in the nebula where the transwarp hub was located before the Voyager could access it for its journey.

Once returned to Earth, due to the temporal inconsistencies the weapon could cause all remaining torpedoes and records of it were held by Starfleet until the natural development of the technology some years later due to the Temporal Prime Directive.

Technical Details

The name of the weapon clearly describes its operation. "Trans" means between and "phasic" refers to the phase state of the object, thus it is clear that the weapon is designed to phase between matter to allow it to pass through the shielding and hull of potential targets. In many ways the practical operation of the device is similar in objective to the interphase cloak.

A transphasic torpedo is based around the internal systems of a hellfire torpedo but its warhead and phasing systems incorporate major changes to the design. This weapon is different from a hellfire torpedo in that its phasing system goes further, its warhead is more powerful but at a significant cost to range.

The tranphasic torpedo is literally able to pass through shields and the outer hull of a target to detonate its warhead inside its body, causing immense and, in most cases, unrecoverable damage to its target.


Range Limit: 10 km - 3 000 500 km (from starships at warp)

Warp Speed: 110% of warp factor of firing ship (limited to warp boundries)

Sublight Speed: Up to a 50% higher velocity (maximum velocity = initial velocity + .50 × initial velocity/ c {or Vmax = Vi + .50 Vi/c}

File:Transphasic torpedo1.jpg
A transphasic torpedo

Shield Scan Range: 4 m

Developed: 2380s

Operational Since: 2378

Yield: 525 isotons

Warhead: Protomatter/Tecasite/Trilitheum reaction that's ignighted by and reacted upon by antiprotons

Additional Information

Despite the power of the transphasic torpedo, following its return to Earth in 2378 it was not deployed to any situation because of temporal considerations. Until the technology could be reasonably developed within the Federation it would be a violation of the Temporal Prime Directive to put it to use.

Even now, use of the technology is extremely limited. It cannot be used against civilised species or minor foes. The technology is a last chance weapon against the greatest threats to the Federation and its citizens.

OOC Information

Due to the extreme moral implications of using such a devastating weapon the use of the transphasic torpedo is extremely limited. It is only to be deployed during plots that involve extreme and broad threats such as the Borg, Species 8472 or other aggressors hell bent on destruction or domination of the Federation. It is a last resorts weapon.

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