Tri Cobalt Device

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Technology Data
Name Tri Cobalt Device
Type Demolition Warhead
Introduced 2154
Affiliation Federation
TechStatus Special Approval
Contributor Czarr Rom

The tri cobalt warhead is a high yield device used for destruction of large scale stationary targets such as space stations. Several species have deployed this technology at some time; one notable example is the planets Eminiar VII and Vendikar, who used computer simulations of tri-cobalt devices as part of their simulated war. The USS Enterprise-G was declared a casualty of one of these devices when it failed to raise its shields during a simulated attack by Vendikar, a situation which brought a rather determined response from the commanding officer.

The Federation is banned from using subspace weapons by the Khittomer accords. In 2371 the USS Voyager used two of them to destroy the Caretaker's array in order to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Kazon. The Starfleet weapon has a programmable yield which can reach 20,000 teracochranes, more than enough to destroy even a large station like the Caretaker's array. Use of tri-cobalt was reviewd at the time, and the decision was made never to sanction the use again.

Uss Voyager firing a Tri Cobalt demolition warhead

[WARNING] As stated above this is a Subspace weapon and as such should Not be used, however its nature is that its effects on Sub Space are pridictable and minimal although physical and so there exist some Extreme instances where a ship`s CO is authorized to use such weapons. A CO found to have misjudgingly detonated a tri-cobalt device will be Court Martialed.