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The CSS Cadmus is the Catain's Yacht for the USS Enterprise-G.


The CSS Cadmus was designed to off set the power of the Enterprise by provideing an unarmed vessel that may be used on diplomatic missions. It's named after a man from Greek mythology, Cadmus, who had been friends with the Greek God Proteus.


The CSS Cadmus is commissioned with the CSS Enterprise CCV-1701-G from the Federation Starbase Midway and assigned to duties within the United Confederation Fleet.

Technical Information

Length 18.0m
Beam 9.0m
Draft 4.5m
Mass 135.5 metric tons
Crew capacity (Standard) 2 flight crew, 10 passengers
Propulsion Systems
FTL System Shuttle Craft M/AM core type III
FTL Standard Cruise Warp 7
FTL Maximum Cruise Warp 8.5
FTL Emergency Maximum Warp 8.5
Impulse System 1 Klingon Hydrogen Energy Impulse Units
Standard Impulse Velocity (Full Impulse) 0.66c
Maximum Impulse Velocity 0.70c
Emergency Maximum Impulse Velocity 0.75c
Defensive Systems
Deflector Shields Regenerative shields
Other Defensive Systems Type 3 Ablative Armor
Computer Systems
Computer Cores 1
Core Type PN Core Mk 1
Operating System LCARS
Underlying Technology Solid state FTL processing
Science Systems
Sensors Advanced long range and short range sensor systems.
Other Systems
Transporter Systems
  • Personnel Transporters: 1 (4 person)

Detailed Technical Information


The Cadmus is a small vessel 18 meters in length, 9 meters in beam and 4.5 meters in draft. The ship uses an extra thick hull similer to the Enterprises bombers and weighs in at 135.5 tons. This is to make up for it's lack of weapons.

The hull is composed of same duranium/tritanium alloy as Enterprise.

Propulsion Systems

The Cadmus is equiped with standard Federation sub-light and FTL drives. These systems can be managed from the pilot or co-pilot consoles.

Thruster System

Impulse Drive

Warp Drive

The Cadmus is powered by a standard Matter / Antimatter Warp Core

Defensive Systems

Unlike it's mother ship the Cadmus only has shields and hull armor for protection. This is due to the peaceful nature of it's mission.


The deflectors and shields are the Regenerative Shields that are common on most ships.

Hull Armor

Type 3 Ablative Armor: Widely available

Quad layered ablation materials for dissipation, control, and survivability

Standard subsystem system energy cost

Approximately 1 meter

Computer Systems

The Cadmus Carries a single, primary computer core. The type chosen for this project was the Photo-Nanotech Computer Core, a solid state FTL system that is well up to the rigours of years of missions. It should be noted that wgile this core is able to have an "avatar" the Enterprise CO opted not to have that option installed.

Additional Information

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