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[[Sovereign-class]] starship on exploratory duty in the [[Gamma Quadrant]]
The USS Cortez NCC-45828 is a [[Sovereign-class]] starship on exploratory duty in the [[Gamma Quadrant]] as part of [[Alpha Fleet]].
==SIM Awards==
==SIM Awards==

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USS Cortez
Technical Details


Crew Information

Full SIM

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The USS Cortez NCC-45828 is a Sovereign-class starship on exploratory duty in the Gamma Quadrant as part of Alpha Fleet.

SIM Awards

SD 241101.31 Timmis.png

Current Crew Manifest

Player Characters

Command Crew

Commanding Officer R-o6.png Amy DeSilva Suzanna
Executive Officer R-o5.png Paul Jennings DK
Strategic Ops Officer PR-o5.png Thy'lek Kolvar Kolvar

Ops Department

Chief Operations Officer Y-o4.png James Peeters Peets

Engineering Department

Chief Engineering Officer Y-o5.png Nyry Nova Tamara
Assistant Engineering Officer Y-e5.png Abdes "Abe" Seguina bjorn

Security Department

Chief Security Officer Y-o2.png Moto Auryn

Science Department

Chief Science Officer T-o1.png Ami Quist Swansong
Assistant Science Officer T-o1.png Tobias Aurille Brennel

Medical Department

Chief Medical Officer T-o5.png Nikita Terrile alphabet
Chief Counseling Officer T-o4.png T'Sayna Steffe McLaughlin Kate N
Assistant Medical Officer T-o3.png Harry Zimmerman, LMH Harry
Assistant Medical Officer T-o1.png Ciara Khoul Gonk