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!  width="200" |Chief Medical Officer
!  width="200" |Chief Medical Officer
|  [[Image:T-o4.png]]
|  [[Image:T-o5.png]]
!  width="150" | T'Sayna McLaughlin
!  width="150" | T'Sayna McLaughlin
!  width="75" |
!  width="75" |

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"Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero."
"Take advantage of today and place no trust in tomorrow."

USS Cortez
Technical Details


Crew Information

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The USS Cortez NCC-45828 is a Sovereign-class starship on exploratory duty in the Gamma Quadrant as part of Alpha Fleet.

In the year 2408 the Cortez was accidentally transported back to the UCIP dimension during an explosive battle with the Borg. With a third of the crew lost, including most of the senior staff, Chief Engineer Anthony Blokpoel was appointed Commanding Officer.

Now full repaired, restaffed, and re-assimilated into this Universe, this Sovereign Class starship has a mainly scientific mission and is based out of Starbase 514. The current Captain and crew have a mission to go where no man has gone before. The Cortez is currently under the command of Captain Nyra Nova and her XO, Commander Aaliyah Becker.

Current Mission

Currently on detached assignment in the Alpha Quadrant, delivering supplies to Sentinel Station near Hirumarian space, when they are directed to the Helaspont Nebula by Captain David King, CO of Sentinel Station, to search for the USS Khitomer which has disappeared there while on a survey mission.

Ship Commendations

SD 241101.31 Timmis.png

Current Crew Manifest

Player Characters

Command Crew

Commanding Officer R-o6.png Nyra Nova Tamara
Executive Officer R-o5.png Aaliyah Becker

Ops Department

Chief Operations Officer Y-o3.png Joran Tegan
Asst Operations Officer Y-c4.png Keketh-Lillianne Longfall
CONN Officer Y-o2.png Kivan

Engineering Department

Asst. Engineer Y-c4.png Brillax
Engineering Specialist Y-e5.png Abdes Sequina

Security & Tactical Departments

Asst Security Officer Y-o1.png Jack Miles
Asst Security Officer Y-c4.png Din
Asst Security Officer Y-c4.png Rarrenestannthestyl

Science Department

Chief Science Officer T-o1.png Ami Quist Swansong

Medical Department

Chief Medical Officer T-o5.png T'Sayna McLaughlin
Asst Medical Officer T-c4.png Keisaru Teigrau
Chief Counsellor T-o1.png Lydia Green