USS Hades

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USS Hades
Class: Akira
Registry: NCC-71430
Affiliation: Federation, Starfleet
Status: Reactivated (Jan 2411)
Decks: 21
Crew: 500
Cruise Speed: Warp 7
Maximum Speed: Warp 9.6
Armaments: 6x Type XII phasers, 15x torpedo launchers
Defences: Regenerative shields, Ablative armor
Auxiliary craft: Shuttlecraft


The USS Hades served for several decades on the front lines of Starfleet's main defence fleets. The Hades fought in battle during the First Dominion War along with a large number of other Akira-class starships with distinction.


The last major upgrade for the USS Hades came in 2401 to bring the slightly older class of ship up to current technological standards. Remaining photon torpedo tubes were replaced with quantum torpedo pulse fire tubes, the phaser arrays were upgraded to Type XII and the shield emitters were replaced.

Non-combat systems upgraded included the installation of a new warp core and computer cores along with an overhaul of the EPS network.


The USS Hades was decommissioned and placed in the Starfleet Surplus Depot Z15 at Qualor II sometime prior to the Second Dominion War.

As the ship was decommissioned, deuterium and anti-matter supplies were removed as well as the reactors for the impulse drives. In addition, other volatile materials were removed from the ship for storage including torpedoes and probes.

When Utopia Planetia was destroyed at the beginning of the Second Dominion War, ships in reserve were cannibalized for parts to outfit other active ships for the war effort. As a result, the Hades and many other ships had key components removed, including but not limited to; warp coils, torpedo launchers, gel packs, and EPS components.


After the destruction of the USS Vindicator at the hands of the Vanguard in late 2410, the USS Hades was re-activated as a replacement vessel for the crew. Previously removed parts were located by the Zakdorn and shipped to Starbase Versailles for re-installation into the old Akira-class ship.

The ship was placed under the command of Commander Olan Dar, former Executive Officer of the Vindicator.

Several months later the Vindicator was restored and the crew returned to their original ship. The USS Hades was not mothballed again, instead a new crew was assigned.

Deck Plans

Bridge module

Deck Layout

Deck A Sail Torpedo Control Room
Sail Torpedo Launchers (Fore and Aft)
Deck B Emergency Shield Generators 1-2
secondary EPS Conduits
Deck C Sail Torpedo Magazine
Torpedo Manufacturing Area
Machine shop and storage
Deck D Special environment storage bays
Deck 1 Captain's Ready Room
Main Bridge
Briefing Room
Crew Breakroom/Lounge
Deck 2 Senior Officers Quarters
VIP/Guest Quarters
Main Lounge
Deck 3 Senior and Junior Officers Quarters
Null-G Gymnasium/Weight Room
Primary Shield Generators
Deck 4 Senior and Junior Officers Quarters
Chief Medical Officer's Office
Counselor's Office
Chief Science Officer's Office
Primary Science Labs
Deck 5 Junior Officers and Enlisted Crew Quarters
Secondary Science Labs
Stellar Cartography
Hydroponics Bay
Crew Mess
Deck 6 Junior Officers and Enlisted Crew Quarters
Tertiary Science Labs
Primary Shield Generators
Deck 7 Marine Officers Quarters
Enlisted Marine Barracks
War Room
Company Commander's Office

Company Offices
Training Holodeck
Firing range

Deck 8 Enlisted Personnel Living Quarters
Chief Security Officer's Office
Firing Range
Deck 9 Enlisted Personnel Living Quarters
Deck 10 Emergency Shield Generators 3 and 4
Quartermasters office
Junior pilot quarters
Landing signal officer pit
Deck 11 Primary Computer Core
Primary Computer Core Control
Senior pilot barracks
SRT training rooms
Flight simulators
Fighter Operations Equipment Lockers
Fighter Operations Tactical Planning Room
Tactical Information Center
Deck 12 TIC Operations Personnel Living Quarters
TIC Operations Training Holodeck
Flight Deck Operations
Shuttle Hangar Elevator
Shuttle Preparation Pre-Flight Bay
Ordinance storage
Deck 13 Shuttle Maintenance Hangar and Storage
Primary Machine Shop
Primary Maintenance Support Center
Primary Systems Support Compartments
Deuterium Tanks
Antimatter generator
Deck 14 Junior Officers and Enlisted Quarters
Upper Engineering Support Area
Fusion Power Generators 1 to 4
Lower Forward Torpedo Bay Control
Secondary Maintenance Support Center
Deck 15 Main Engineering - M/ARA Operations Center
Chief Engineer's Office
Junior Officers and Enlisted Quarters
Fusion Power Generators 5 and 6
Transporter Rooms 3 and 4
Fore Torpedo Bay Control
Torpedo Magazine and Manufacturing Area
Deck 16 Lower Engineering
Deflector Control
Main Tractor Beam Control and Emitter
Environmental Control
Secondary Computer Core
Deck 17 Tertiary Maintenance Support Center
Emergency Power Generators 7 to 9
Warp Core Ejection Controls
Deuterium Storage
Anti-matter Storage Pods
Gravimetric Polaron Generators
Secondary Shield Generators
Secondary Systems Support