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! Second Officer
! Second Officer
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USS Vindicator
Technical Details

Discovery class



Commission Date:

2401 (original)
2412 (current)

Crew Information
Commanding Officer:
Executive Officer:
Second Officer:
Current PC Count:




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Vindicator Homepage
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"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
    —T. S. Eliot


The Vindicator is an Explorer type starship on sector operations duty in the Beta Quadrant. Originally an Excalibur class starship, the Vindicator was rebuilt and the new designs are now being used for future Excalibur refits.

Current Mission

With a new ship and a fresh start for many the Vindicator continues heading further out on their mission of exploration.

Along the way a signal is received from a remote Romulan colony, asking any who hear it for assistance.

Vindicator's current location.


For more information see Vindicator Timeline.

19th Century

In 1863 the USS Vindicator was a 750-ton steamer purchased by the US Navy and then used by the Union army during the American Civil War starting in 1864. The ship was primarily used as a ram gunboat performing patrol and reconnaissance duties along the Mississippi River.

She was decommissioned in 1865.

20th Century

Launched in 1984, this Vindicator was a Stalwart class Modified Tactical Auxiliary General Ocean Surveillance Ship for the United States Navy. Stalwart class ships were originally designed to collect underwater acoustical data in support of Cold war anti-submarine warfare operations in the 1980s.

The USS Vindicator was later transferred to the United States Coast Guard and became USCGC Vindicator. She was used as a mother ship for pursuit boats intercepting drug smugglers.

25th Century

The USS Vindicator has been the name of five Starfleet ships over the last 11 years. In 2401 the Vindicator was a Prometheus class starship (NCC-70314-A) assigned to Alpha Fleet. A year later the Vindicator name was given to an Akira II class starship (NCC-70314-B).

The Excalibur-class USS Vindicator
In 2407, after the switch to Beta Fleet, the Vindicator changed once again, this time becoming a new Excalibur class starship, a massive class of Explorer ships, and given a new registry number (NCC-78213-C).

In late 2410, the Vindicator was effectively destroyed in a battle with Vanguard forces. The superstructure was mostly intact but much of the hull and major systems destroyed. It was hauled back to Starbase Versailles to undergo a reconstruction. Six months later the new USS Vindicator launched (with the class designation Excalibur Refit) and a registry of NCC-78213-D.

Once the crew continued their mission of exploration, they made contact with the species known as Veraki, a pre-warp civilization according to the last reports. It turns out the Vindicator arrived just in time to witness their first successful warp flight.

In October of 2412, the crew of the Vindicator transferred to the newly commissioned USS Vindicator-E, a brand new Discovery class Deep Space Explorer.


Detailed specifications for the Vindicator can be located on the page for the Discovery class.

A deck layout for the Vindicator is located here.

Current Crew Manifest

We make every effort to keep this roster up to date, but the best way to see what positions are available is always on our site's roster.

Command & Bridge

Commanding Officer R-a1.png Rochelle Ivanova October
Executive Officer R-o5.png Almar Dahe'el Mike
Second Officer S-o5.png James Maxwell Archer Sean`
Chief Helm Officer R-blank1.png Vacant Apply here!


Chief Operations Officer Y-blank1.png Vacant Apply here!


Chief Engineering Officer Y-o5.png Almar Dahe'el Mike
Asst. Chief Engineering Officer Y-o3.png Dustin Shea Dustin

Security & Tactical

Assistant Security Officer Y-o3.png Te`Shara R`Heil Me'Lonna
Assistant Security Officer Y-o3.png Chloe Ebonheart Kai
Assistant Security Officer Y-o2.png Lily Charlson James Kaz
Tactical Officer Y-o3.png T'Asir (npc) Mike


Acting Chief Science Officer T-o2.png Saia Roswell Dakabn
Science Officer T-blank1.png Vacant Apply here!


Chief Medical Officer T-o4.png Rotek Cliff
Chief Counselor T-o5.png Tristan Neyes Landon
Counselor T-o5.png Logan Grant Spaceman
Medical Officer T-blank1.png Vacant Apply here!


Chief Intelligence Officer S-o5.png James Maxwell Archer Sean`
Intelligence Officer S-o2.png Teá Black Aza

251st "Charybdis" Tactical Assault Squadron

Chief Combat Information Officer G-o3.png Vacant Apply here!
Squadron Commander, Red Flight Leader G-o3.png Vacant Apply here!
Squadron Executive Officer, Blue Flight Leader G-o2.png Lynda "Red Queen" Howard (npc) Kai
Flight Leader, Green Flight G-o1.png Vacant Apply here!
Flight Leader, Yellow Flight G-o1.png Vacant Apply here!
Fighter Pilot G-o1.png Vacant Apply here!
Ground Crew G-e1.png Vacant Apply here!

Civilian Affairs

Liaison R-a1.png Andrea Levine mooeypoo
Liaison R-o6.png Landon Neyes Landon
Privateer B-blank1.png Danielle Atarah (npc) mooeypoo
Civilian (Ex-Vanguard) B-blank1.png Kieran Aquila (npc) Landon