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Confirmation and Command

“Staff” is defined as DivComs, deputies hold no formal voting power. From herein when referring to “Staff” or “Senior Staff”, it is in direct referral to Division Commander only, not Deputy Division Commanders.

Deputy Division Commander’s are advisors on the staff body, so are still staff, just not voting staff.

1. Dropping of all ‘acting’ titles held on elected and appointed positions, unless genuinely acting. By definition, the term acting covers a person temporarily filling the role until the CinC has made an appointment to the position. The term ‘Interim’ only applies specifically to the person who covers the position of CinC during an election.

2. Increasing the CinC tenure to a year with regular performance reviews, at 3 or 6 month intervals, determined by the Senior Staff. After a 1 year term, there will be an election process where the incumbent CinC can submit an application when the applications are called for by the Logistics Director. If no one stands for CinC against the incumbent, the CinC incumbent is reinstated for a further year.

3. Increasing the Division Commander tenure to a year with regular performance reviews by the CinC/DCinC at 3 or 6 month intervals, determined by the CinC and/or Senior Staff. After a 1 year term, elections similar to that of the CinC will be held.

The system of reviews will very much depend on conduct. If the DivCom meets pre-designated targets and get a good review, it will be 6 months between the next review date. If the DivCom does not achieve their target, the gap will be 3 months. Targets will be based on application pledges and divisional problems, and all targets will be tailored to individual criteria.

4. Division Deputy Commander’s must be approved by the CinC prior to particpating in advisory and UCIP level discussions. They can be appointed without confirmation by the CinC, but will not be permitted to hold the title of UCIP Staff, and thusly will be denied access to Staff lists. This will allow the appointment of ‘Staff’ and ‘Divisional’ Deputies within Divisions. DivComs who do not wish a certain deputy to be ‘staff’, can appoint without approval of the CinC. All deputies aiming to become staff, must be approved by the CinC and/or Senior Staff. Only one deputy per division may be a member of the Senior Staff body.

5. At any time during any UCIP Staff Officer’s tenure, including the CinC, they can be subject to a Vote of No Confidence. In the case of the CinC, this requires no less than two DivComs to call a Vote of No Confidence, and an overall two third majority to remove the CinC.

5.1. In the case of a DivCom, the CinC holds the authority to remove any DivCom at any time, if the CinC deems it necessary to replace the Officer concerned for any reasonable grounds (including (but not restricted to) inactivity, behavioural problems, failure to meet performance targets & ineffective command). This action must be clearly explained to the Senior Staff. If grounds for removal are deemed inappropriate by two thirds of the staff, this removal will be invalid, and not permitted.

6. DivComs hold the formal power of vote in staff, not any deputy including the Deputy Commander in Chief. Deputies have the right to question decisions prior to them being formerly voted on.

7. The CinC can appoint personal advisors to his staff, who will hold access to Advisors@. However, these advisors must first be approved by the Senior Staff, for added scrutiny. This includes the appointment of the DCinC.

8. Any decision made by the CinC can be officially queried by the Senior Staff on advisors@, and no other list. Any decision can be overturned by a two thirds majority of the Staff.

9. No major UCIP policy/changes can be enacted unless it has been submitted and approved by a majority vote of the Senior Staff. The CinC reserves the right to enact any changes to UCIP Operations as necessary.

10. Advisors@ is a sealed list, and emails submitted to it are held under a strict confidentiality clause. Any UCIP Officer appointed to this list who distributes emails from this list to individuals not on the list, unless given strict permission by the CinC, will be subject to full disciplinary action. This action is for the determination of the CinC and/or the Senior Staff, and punishments can include, but are not restricted to, removal from staff post, timed durational ban from holding a staff post and removal from any UCIP Command position including SIM Command.