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Members Code of Conduct

As a member of the UCIP community, Simmers are expected to abide by certain rules of conduct. These basic codes, which may be elaborated by any Division for their own unique situations, are to ensure the spirit of Fun, quality Role-play, and Unity from all corners of Organization. To that end was must keep the following Code of Conduct in mind:

  1. We will strive to treat all members as we wish to be treated. With respect.
  2. We will always strive to set a good and professional example, performing duties to the best of their abilities
  3. We must to adhere to the Chain of Command and communicate in the appropriate forums
  4. We will uphold the official polices and procedures of the UCIP, no mater where in it’s architecture they may be.

UCIP prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or marital or family status.

UCIP prohibits the harassment of other members for any reason whatsoever, those found to be doing so will be investigated and could result in disciplinary actions up to and/or including removal from the organization.