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UCIP/KDFS Agreement

  1. A nickname shall be registered in NickServ on the KDFS IRC Network named “UCIP”. Control of the nickname shall reside with the President and Database Director.
  2. All UCIP Group Channels (including #Backroom, #Ten-Forward, #CinC, #UCIP), shall be owned by this nickname.
  3. Should a Commanding Officer of a SIM, Fleet, Division or Department resign or have their position terminated, the ownership of the official channel (as listed on the officical IRC channel page of the UCIP website) within ChanServ shall be referred to the UCIP nickname by the KDFS Liason on request of the Commander-in-Chief until such time as a replacement CO is appointed. At all times the channel is considered owned by UCIP.
  4. Any disputes relating to channel issues shall be directed to the KDFS/UCIP Liason as appointed by KDFS and approved by the President.