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Web Site Contribution Policy

Any file uploaded to the UCIP Web server,, for use as part of the UCIP Web site becomes the property of UCIP International, the organization. Upon request, the author, will be given creative credit for any file used as part of the UCIP Web site. Through the act of uploading files, copyright file transfers to UCIP and said file becomes the property of UCIP. Uploading a file to the web server constitutes your agreement to transfer copyright of that file to UCIP and no further copyright claim may be made to it nor may any judgment be made against UCIP to remove it from the UCIP Web server now or in the future.

Definition of webmaster: A webmaster is any individual under the authority of the Commander in Chief of UCIP Internet whos job task is the creation, development, implementation and editing of the UCIP website. Individuals classified as webmasters are considered to be working for contract for UCIP in order to maintain the site. Contract can be terminated at any time by the President of UCIP International.

Individual sim directories (”sim_name”/) maintained by a designated representative of that sim are exempt from this agreement. However UCIP authored elements used within the site, specifications, graphics, media, banners, locations, remain the property of UCIP International.

UCIP is a non-profit organization and all work for UCIP is done voluntarily and without monetary compensation.