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UCIP Constitution


UCIP International is an online Simulations group dedicated to providing people of all age groups on the Internet with a safe, entertaining and realistic Simming environment. The Constitution of UCIP is designed to achieve two aims. Firstly, to provide all its members with a fair and equitable forum through which to air grievances and concerns, suggestions, and compliments, so that we can continually develop the highest quality Simulations on the Internet. Secondly, to provide an efficient and fair system of government which gives representation to all areas of the group from all divisions.


Section A: – The governing body of UCIP shall formally be divided into three sections:

  • Executive Staff
  • Senior Staff
  • Division Staff

Section B: – The Executive Staff shall consist of:

  • President
  • Vice President

Section C: – The Senior Staff shall consist of:

  • Division Commander: Star Trek Operations
  • Division Commander: Independent Simming
  • Division Commander: UCIP Services & Administration

Section D: – The Division Staff shall consist of:

  • Fleet Commanders: Star Trek Operations
  • Genre Leaders: Independent Simming
  • Department Heads: UCIP Services & Administration

Section E: – Individual officers may only hold one staff position in the entire governing body except when holding a temporary ‘Acting’ position.


Section A: – The Executive authority in UCIP shall be the responsibility of the President and Vice President. Appointment to these positions require a combined majority approval of the senior staff after a general election within the Divisions.

Section B: – The UCIP President shall be the overall spokesperson for UCIP, and shall represent UCIP in any and all proceedings necessary, overseeing all aspects of UCIP operations along with the Vice President.

Section C: – Positions on the Executive Staff require officers to have been active in the group for the last 12 months prior to their appointment as well as have 6 months experience as a CO of a sim. Officers must have a full understanding of their duties and the ability, willingness and time to carry out those duties.


Section A: – The Senior Staff are responsible for overseeing the Fleets and Departments within the UCIP. All positions on the Senior Staff report directly to the President.

Section B: – Appointments to the Senior Staff are made by the President. Division Commanders are appointed by the President with full consultation with the Fleet Commanders/Genre Leaders/Department Heads of the division in question.

Section C: – Positions on the Senior Staff require officers to have been active in the group for the last 9 months prior to their appointment and must have a full understanding of their duties and the ability, willingness and time to carry out those duties.


Section A: – The Divisional Staff are responsible being directly involved in running and leading the Subgroups within their chosen division. Fleet Commanders/Genre Leaders oversee the Simulations under their command and report to their respective Division Commanders, whereas Department Heads run the Service Departments assigned to them, and report to the Services Division Commander.

Section B: – Appointments to Divisional Staff are made by the Division Commander in command of that division, which shall be done in full liaison with the members of the Subgroup in question.

Section C: – Positions on the Divisional Staff require officers to have been active in the group for the last 6 months prior to their appointment and must have a full understanding of their duties and the ability, willingness and time to carry out those duties.


Section A: – Normal UCIP Senior Staff discussions will take place on the mailing list. Each voting member of the Senior Staff will have posting access to this mailing list, as will any number of deputies for each voting member designated by that member. Whilst allowed to post to this list, Deputy’s do not have voting rights unless the Division Commander they deputy for is unable to vote at that time. The Executive Staff will have final authority on who shall have access to the mailing list.

Section B: – The President may call for IRC meetings at his or her discretion when a particular issue warrants it. Such calls for IRC meetings must be made at least 48 hours before the planned meeting time with an agenda being provided to both the and mailing lists beforehand. In particular, if a vote is to be called, that must be announced, and can only be called on items that have had the designated discussion time on (see Section D). Each Senior Staff member must either attend, or send a designated representative with authority to cast votes for them if votes are called for (See Article 6, below).

Section C: – All staff members must check their mail at least every 48 hours and respond as necessary. They are also required to actively contribute discussion and input to each staff issue as they arise.

Section D: – From time to time, proposals will be brought to the Senior Staff for discussion. Such proposals will be formally presented on the mailing list, and then a 10 day discussion period will begin. The President then has the option of calling a vote on the proposal or tabling it for later discussion. Tabled proposals will be placed at the end of the proposal queue.

Section E: – The President may at any time submit a proposal to the Senior Staff for consideration, following the process in Section D.

Section F: – Senior Staff, Divisional Staff, and non-voting UCIP members may submit proposals to for placement in the discussion queue. The President will then formally submit these proposals in the order submitted. The queue list will be maintained by the President, on the Presidential website ( or other website established by the President.


Section A: – The President may call for a vote of the Senior Staff on any issue which he or she does not feel it is proper to make a ruling alone, or on any submitted proposal. Votes may be called for via e-mail (See Section C) or during IRC meetings called for that purpose (See Article 5, Section B, above; and Section D, below). All staff that vote may also supply comments as to why they voted a particular way.

Section B: – All Senior Staff members are allowed one vote with the exception of the Executive Staff, who shall only vote when an issue is tied. If this is the case, the Executive Staff shall discuss this issue and cast a single vote to break the tie. The Executive Staff may, if they wish, communicate their recommended vote to the voting members before voting begins.

Section C: – Each possible vote will be detailed, whether the vote is an AYE/NAY vote or a vote for several possible options. Where multiple possible options are available, a “NONE OF THE ABOVE” choice will also be made available. In addition, voting members may choose not to vote (a NO VOTE result), or may ABSTAIN from voting if they feel they cannot judge fairly. A NO VOTE will reduce by one the number of votes cast for the purposes of determining the majority (see Section H). An ABSTAIN vote will be treated as a vote for the majority, or a NO VOTE if there is no majority.

Section D: – Votes called by the President via e-mail shall last no longer than 120 hours. Votes via e-mail will be sent to Once the designated voting period has passed, the draft results shall be sent to the mailing list by the Vice President. A 48 hour confirmation period will then begin (See Section G). Once a vote is confirmed, the final results shall be sent to the mailing list by the President or Vice President.

Section E: – Votes called by the President during IRC meetings called for that purpose shall last no longer than one hour. Votes via IRC will be sent in secret to the Vice President using a method of their choosing. Once the designated voting period has passed, the draft results shall be posted to the IRC channel being used for the meeting. A ten-minute confirmation period will then begin (See Section G). Once the vote is confirmed, the final results shall be sent to the and mailing list by the Vice President.

Section F: – Votes not received by the designated time will not be counted.

Section G: – The confirmation period will allow voting members to confirm that their vote and/or comments have been recorded correctly. The confirmation period may not be used to change a vote, nor may it be used to record a vote not received or received late, nor may it be used to add, delete, or alter comments already recorded. If a voting member does not object within the confirmation period, it will be assumed that their vote and comments have been recorded correctly.

Section H: – A vote with a 51% majority of votes (rounded up) will result in the majority vote carrying the issue, if a quorum of voters (51% of possible votes, rounded up) participates. A vote with many possible results without a 51% majority will result in a run-off vote between either the top two selections, or all tied selections, at the option of the President. A vote without a quorum of possible voters will be null and void, but may be repeated at the discretion of the President.


Section A: – The chain of command shall determine who will preside over UCIP when the President is incapacitated, on leave, or otherwise unable to perform their duties.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • SIMming Group Division Commanders (In order of time served)
  • UCIP Services & Administration Division Commander

Section B: – When Senior or Division Staff positions become available, first preference of filling the position will be given to the Deputy. If they do not want it or are unable to fulfill the duties of the position, a call for applications will be made by the Commander in Chief.


Section A: – A Division is defined as a sub group of simulations within the organization devoted to a single concept. Creation of new Fleets will be considered by the Executive Staff, with its final approval resting with the Senior Staff.

Section B: – Division Commanders may construct any such structure within their Division that they feel will assist them in fulfilling their responsibilities. They may also appoint additional positions within their fleet to assist with their duties, as they deem necessary.

Section C: – The ultimate authority on the operation of Divisions and departments shall reside with the Commander and Deputy Commander in Chief. These senior officers may override all decisions by the Division Commanders, Department Chiefs and their staff.


Section A: – The UCIP International does not allow for trials, hearings, or ‘witch hunts’, as they are typically political maneuverings and tend to unfairly blemish UCIP members. This section shall not apply in cases where the trial is purely for role-playing or simming purposes and there are no true charges or complaints at hand.

Section B: – Unfair discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated within the UCIP International Group and may result in removal from the organization. The President, with advisement from the Vice President, shall be responsible for the proper and fair disciplinary action should it be necessary.


Section A: – Amendments to the UCIP Bylaws and Constitution are to be proposed by the President and voted on by the Senior Staff. The amendment shall be passed by a majority vote.