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Registered users, on the LCARS Wiki, may create user pages to introduce themselves to and communicate with the LCARS Wiki community. User pages help in organizing editorial tasks and foster community spirit and camaraderie.

User space structure

If your username is "Example", then:

  • Your user page will be at [[User:Example]].
  • Your user talk page will be at [[User talk:Example]]. This is the primary method that other wiki editors will use to contact you.
  • You can create user subpages under your user page, such as [[User:Example/Subpage]]. These can be used to specify additional details about yourself or manage your current projects.
  • Your user space encompasses all of the above.

Content restrictions

You have fairly broad leeway in creating your user page. Content should be focused on the UCIP Universe in the LCARS Wiki, but if you choose to discuss issues outside of these fields. Then be considerate of the diverse range of users on the wiki.

These are absolutely not permitted in any form:

  • Libel or defamation.
  • Material patently offensive to others.

Use common sense and keep etiquette in mind when selecting content:

  • Do not include any material generally deemed offensive and/or insulting.

User pages should avoid interfering with the main namespace:

  • Do not categorize pages in your user space into categories used for mainspace articles.
  • Avoid creating links to pages that are not meant to exist, particularly joke links, as this will lower the utility of the list of wanted pages.

Restrictions on user images

  • Try to avoid uploading a lot of large images or images that are larger than 200 kB in size.
  • Do not use arbitrary or generic names. All personal image names must be prefixed with the word "User" followed by your user name (for example, an image named User Example my engineer.jpg is valid).
  • The description of the image must include the {{fairuse}} template.

Main user page restrictions

Your main user page is the primary page that other users will use to access your user space and to contact you. An excessively long or large page can be an inconvenience to others who just want to get to your talk page.

The combined contents on your main user page should not exceed 350 kB in total size. You can verify your page size simply by saving your user page with your browser and checking the resulting file size. Note that some browsers do not save the images used on the page, so you need to manually add the file sizes of any images to the file size of your user page.

User talk page restrictions

Your talk page should generally be treated like any other talk page on the wiki. Do not remove any comments, including your own. You may amend your comments to correct typos, but if you wish to change your comment significantly, strike out the portions that you are changing (use <s></s>). Comments constituting personal abuse may be removed or archived.

You are permitted to archive older comments as your talk page gets longer. Do so by copying or moving your talk page to an archive subpage, such as [[User talk:Example/Archive 1]], and leave a prominent link to it from your main talk page. You may wish to use the {{archive box}} template for this purpose. Discussions should be continued on a user's main talk page, rather than in their archives.

Do not put any formatting on your talk page that makes it more difficult for other users to leave you messages (such as borders, background colors, text highlights, font sizes, etc.).


The LCARS Wiki allows users to manage their own user space as they see fit within the rules and guidelines laid out above. However, users must keep the following in mind:

  • User space contributions must be licensed under the GFDL, just as any other contribution in the wiki.
  • Unless correcting a policy violation or making a maintenance edit, users should avoid making edits in another user's user space against their wishes (not including talk pages). All such edits must include an appropriate summary message explaining the edit. If the reason for the edit may not be immediately obvious, add further explanation on that user's talk page.
  • All policies apply to your user space. In particular, no personal attacks will be tolerated in your user space or anywhere in the wiki. Content in your user space that violates policy may be removed by an administrator.


  • If you do not want a user page, it is recommended that you create a redirect to your talk page by adding #redirect [[User talk:YourUserName]] to your user page. This makes it easier for others to contact you via your signature.
  • While user pages are a fantastic way for users to explore creativity and practice with wiki code, the purpose is that users should focus their time and dedication on UCIP's LCARS Wiki-related contributions.
  • Be considerate of other users' requests to tone down or trim down your page and try to avoid controversial content and/or representation of content.
  • When designing the look of your user page, try to follow the common sense guidelines that apply throughout the wiki. For example, employ user friendly formatting, keep your content succinct and concise and avoid using undesirable design aspects such as garish colors or animated text. The better presented your user page is, the more people will be interested in reading it. Creativity and ingenuity are always encouraged.
  • When making edits to your user page or its subpages, always mark them as minor edits to allow them to be filtered from the list of recent changes. Use the 'Show preview' button to avoid doing multiple small edits to your user page, instead of saving the changes every time.
  • If you have information that you intend to update regularly, consider using inclusions to stop edits from popping up on other users' watchlists. For example, if you are tracking the progress of a title in an infobox and find yourself amending it daily, consider putting the infobox onto a separate page, such as User:Yourname/Infobox and including it into the main page as {{User:Yourname/Infobox}}. Any edits made to this subpage will not show up to people watching your talk page, but are kept current if they view your user page. Note that any subpage inclusions still fall under the main content restrictions of this policy.