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Jonathan is a player of science fiction roleplay, videogames, and enjoys Star Trek films, books, and television. He collects star trek cards and memorabilia. Jonathan has played several characters in, dating back to membership under the name "Arcos" in 2004. He dabbles in Art and Website design, and has his own website, He has a technical degree in Electronics Technology, and a High School Diploma. He has studied at a Community college in the past, but as of yet has not completed his studies. He has worked a number of jobs including a pizzeria, target, a warehouse worker, and his own freelance web design company. He currently volunteers as a computer technician at World Care, and is excited to expand his technical know how, having been recently enrolled in a team of technicians who service computers and are also disabled.


Player Chars:
Arcos Darye, Rank: Lieutenant Commander, Pos: Chief_Science_Officer, Assignment: USS Warrior, Inactive
Eske Saghani, Rank: Ensign, Pos: Medical_Officer, Assignment: USS Charon, Inactive
Daljini Yi, Rank: Lieutenant, Pos: Science_Officer, Assignment: USS Pendragon, Active

Player NPC:
Durad, Rank: Petty Officer Second Class, Pos: Science_Officer, Assignment: USS Warrior , Inactive
Turon, Rank: Lieutenant JG, Pos: Science_Officer, Assignment: USS Warrior, Inactive
Langelle, Rank: Chief Petty Officer, Pos: Science_Officer, Assignment: USS Pendragon,Active
Ens Usui, Rank: Ensign, Pos: Assistant_Sceince_Officer, Assignment: USS Pendragon,Active