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Biographical Information


Marital Status:


Contact Information
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Purple Heart Medal X4
Kragite Order of Heroism
Meritorious Service Medal
Knight Award
Special Operations Ribbon
Fleet Commendation Ribbon
Fleet Achievement Medal
Fleet Cross for Merit

Bergen Awards:

CO - USS Vindicator - Awarding #1
CO - USS Vindicator - Awarding #2
CO - USS Melbourne - Awarding #11
CO - USS Melbourne - Awarding #12
CO - USS Melbourne - Awarding #13

Academy Training Awards:


Basic IRC Sim Training: Red Ribbon
Engineering Course : Blue Ribbon
Counselling Course : Blue Ribbon
Security Course : Blue Ribbon
Tactical Course : Blue Ribbon
Helm Course : Blue Ribbon
Medical Course : Blue Ribbon
Science Course : Blue Ribbon
Command Course : Blue Ribbon w/ gold star
Fighter Pilot Course : Blue Ribbon
Starbase Course : Blue Ribbon


Chief of Starfleet Operations

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Executive Director, UCIP International (Imaginus)
Commander in Chief, UCIP Internet
Commander, Theta Subfleet
IRC Command Course Instructor, UCIP Academy
Deputy Commander, Beta Subfleet
Director, UCIP New Media Department
Deputy Commander, Starfleet Command
Commanding Officer, Trilista Colony
Commanding Officer, USS Whitestar
Commanding Officer, USS Vindicator
Executive Officer, USS Vindicator
Tactical Officer, USS Vindicator