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OOC Player
Location: Greensburg, IN
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'5"
OOC Rank: {{{OOC Rank}}}


Neil has been a member of UCIP since November 13, 2006, starting out as an Ensign and Chief Science Officer aboard the CSS Enterprise. He worked with the academy under the name Corin Rilax to attempt to restructure the Judge Advocate General course in 2007. After that he was given command of a Nova class sub sim of the CSS Enterprise, as Commander Jacob Satie, which he ran until September of 2007 when real life called him away. Neil took an extended leave of absence to relocate after leaving the United States Naval service.

Returning to UCIP in late fall 2012, Neil took a posting on the USS Vindicator where he played the Caitian Chief Medical Officer Keál until 2013.

Returning again in August of 2015 he revitalized his role as Keál aboard the USS Enterprise again as Chief Medical Officer

His highest ranking character in UCIP has held the rank of Commander.



OOC Awards

240706.18 Bergen.png Andrew Bergen Award (Faolan Kailoic)

IC Awards

240612.05 Manheim.png Manheim Award for Science (Faolan Kailoic)
240611.13 Academail.png SimGuide Email
240611.13 Acadirc.png SimGuide IRC
240611.16 Acadastro.png Science: Astrophysics
240611.16 Acadscience.gif Science: Basic Studies
240611.17 Acadmarine.png Starfleet Marine Studies
240611.17 Acadenlisted.png Starfleet Enlisted Studies
240611.17 Acadsss.gif Starfleet Secret Service Studies
240612.14 Acadsot.png Senior Officer Training
240701.20 Acadmedical.png Starfleet Combined Medical Studies
240701.20 Acadsuperior1.png Superior Performance Medal (Combined Medical Studies)
240701.20 Acadsecurity.png Security and Tactical Studies
240701.20 Acadfp.gif Fighter Pilot Certification