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[[El-Aurian|El-Aurian LCARS page]]<br>
[[El-Aurian|El-Aurian LCARS page]]<br>
[[Klingon Civil War]]
[[Klingon Civil War]]

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Out of Character Information

I am a 25 year old guy from sunny England, bought into UCIP by a friend on the USS Vindicator in late 2007, I have simmed consistantly since then, taking a small break in 2010.

Current Characters

Active NPC Characters

  • Vokar Vanguard Commander, Commanding Officer, VCD Pendragon.
  • T'Asir Lieutenant, Tactical Officer, USS Vindicator-E.
  • Ch'Krang Lord, Head of the house of Ch'Krang, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire.
  • Jaktor Sogh, Second Officer, IKS Ya'Vang.

Inactive Characters

Star Trek Online Characters

Contributions to UCIP


El-Aurian LCARS page
Klingon Civil War Lametian