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|Posting        = Cold Station Theta
|Posting        = Cold Station Theta
|Position      =Chief Medical Officer
|Position      =Chief Medical Officer
|Rank          ={{Commander|blue}}
|Rank          =[[Image:T-o5.png]]<br>Commander
|Played By      =[[user:October|October]]
|Played By      =[[user:October|October]]

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Biographical Information

Kurill Prime







Physical Description



112 Lbs





Political Information

Starfleet , United Federation of Planets


Cold Station Theta


Chief Medical Officer



Played By:


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Physical Appearance

Physical Description

  • 5'6"
  • Dark brunette, nearly black
  • Purple
  • Elegant, almost fragile or doll-like in appearance with larger eyes and willowy limbs

Average in height by most human estimations, slightly tall by Vorta standards, she is still fine boned and as refined as her species dictates. Her ears are expressive, often conveying the nature of her mood and attention long before her voice or face. Shell/fan shaped – tapering to delicate and well pointed tips.


Valeese is the product of what happens when a species that was taken and engineered is left back to their own devices. Born a decade and some change after the last Founder influence, Valeese was the first natural born Vorta in many generations. The success of which has been widely attributed to the fact that her parents were low number clones (Arlin 3, Meynyume 4), their fertility not as affected or damaged by generations of artificial reproduction practices. Being born to a species of creatures that had gone years upon years between having natural born offspring lent itself to a rather bleak nurturing experience where she was forced to grow up and emotionally mature faster than a child naturally should. Her antics were not appreciated among elders that simply didn’t understand what childhood meant and was.

  • no siblings

Personality & Traits

General Overview

A strong and well-rounded woman known for her dry humor and wit, Valeese is widely seen as amenable and easy to get along with, with an insatiably curious nature that could be considered devious. Sophisticated and charming, but not without possessing a backbone and temper, albeit quiet and internalized. Some may see her as shy and reclusive, traits she picked up due to how poorly received she usually is simply for the fact that she’s Vorta. She possesses a general thirst for knowledge and the answers to questions that few, if any, would think or want to ask. Her curiosity has been known to cause about the same amount of problems that it’s solved. That combined with her natural inclination to please has left her in trouble more times than she can count. However, she is quickly learning, adapting, and teaching herself how her own needs need to come before the wants and desires of others – something proving almost disturbingly hard to do given her natural ability as an empath.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Friendly
  • Curious
  • Intelligent
  • Adaptable
  • Empathetic


  • Shyness
  • Non-existent self-esteem
  • Extreme curiosity
  • Empathetic
  • Reclusive


To live, not just exist.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Books
  • Languages
  • Yoga/Meditation (Focusing on Vulcan, Terran, and Trill techniques)
  • Ancient Terran culture (especially cat videos, food, holidays)


With her profound sense of hearing allowing her to pick out the most miniscule differences in pitch and tone and her natural empathic abilities, Valeese has been able to pick up and master several languages. She has an affinity for them and manages to pick them up at a functional level very quickly.

  • Federation Standard
  • Orion
  • Stenellian
  • Klingon
  • Several Terran Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German

Personal History

With the fall of the Founders, the Dominion scattered, and the Vorta left under the loose guidance of the Stenellian Ascendancy, Valeese found herself drawn more and more to the stories of Terran lore and Earth History afforded to her by the Ascendancy’s expansive and extensive archives – all of which were made available to a fledging society of previous clones. It was during her teenage years that her family traveled to the core worlds, settling on Earth in hope of forging a new future for themselves. What they found was a welcome wagon of mixed reception; most in the way of thinly veiled bare minimum tolerance. Valeese found hostility. Her schooling was punctuated heavily by harassment and bullying often aimed at her heritage or physical appearance. Friends were numbered few.

It was her painstaking attention to detail and skill in the field of medicine during her brief stint at Cornell University that caught the eye of Starfleet. While some of the upper admiralty hesitated due to her heritage, the rest jumped at the chance to welcome her into their ranks, citing the need for diversity, and she was offered a chance to attend Starfleet Academy where she excelled further both as a scientist and a doctor. After the Civil War, and her narrow escape from the Academy where she taught medicine, she was shipped off to Cold Station Theta as a chance to help Fleet Admiral Blyx Red reestablish order to the most lawless expanse of known space.

It came with a price and notice by the Ascendancy that had long since used Valeese in order to obtain bits and pieces of information concerning the Federation’s appetite and consideration of their order. Now at Cold Station Theta, she is their eyes and ears as the Empress keeps a close eye on what is viewed as an ever-expanding potential threat against the Stenellis people and their keep. In many ways, Valeese is both spy and sage, downplaying issues so that the peace remains while tensions run hot and high post the destruction of the USS Vindicator-E by the Romulan Vr’ith Tr’Bak in the Stenellis controlled space above their home world; Apsha.

Service Record

  • Starfleet Academy :: Professor of Medicine
  • Cold Station Theta :: Chief Medical Officer