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Species Data
Species Name Verakian
Homeworld Veraki IV
TechStatus Pre-Warp

A pre-warp industrial society 21.6 light years from the Federation's northern border along the terminus of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Location: Veraki System Homeworld: Veraki IV


The previous mission to survey the planet and the inhabitants placed the level of technological development as approximate to late 20th century or early 21st century Earth.

Technology in widespread use includes:

  • Nuclear power
  • Fossil fuels
  • Satellites
  • Unmanned deep space probes
  • Limited manned space flight in local area

Early research was being performed at the time which may lead to the discovery of faster than light travel. The Vareki are therefore being noted in Federation records as potentially achieving warp travel within the next 100 years, baring any significant setbacks.

Political Situation

Veraki IV, known to the different cultures of Veraki as Verakis, Veraki, and Vera

At the time of the previous survey there were two primary powers present on the planet with a number of smaller nations either allied or neutral.


As the northern and more secular people the Averki remain a slight advantage over their southern Pavark rivals in the worlds of industry and science. However, due to aggressive territorial expansion practices during the past century the country has problems keeping vassal states loyal to the central government. These tensions are only amplified by Pavarkian support of rebelling states. This caused the last two major military conflicts between the two nations and remains a constant threat due to Pavark paramilitary action across Averki territory.

Dominated by a wealthy class of corporate leaders, Averki's government is a small representative republic. Territory is divvied up into representative districts where business leaders compete for control by buying share of the region and/or the central government. Due to the disparity of power between classes, the working lower classes are gravely underrepresented in the government. Liberties and other freedoms are intimately connected to the wealth of the individual, and while slavery has long since been abolished, the majority of the population finds themselves straddled with the debt of many long wars and other large government projects including, but not limited to, the current Averki Warp Development Program.

Large Cities

An Averki Warp scientist.

Ahnver, capital, population: 3,750,000
Kolv, population: 4,500,000
Luhrn, population: 2,200,000
Panuhr, population: 1,900,000

Important People

Averki Warp Development Program:

Aneval Lanh, Pilot
Delvan Ronar, Pilot
Polv Pohr, Systems Engineer

Government Officials:

Erunh Ravh, Voice of the Assembly


Located on the southern continent of Val'aal, the Pavark nation is a theocratic society ruled by a small group of elder religious figures and an internally elected Grand Cleric. The Grand Cleric is the commander-in-chief of all military forces as well as the head of the civilian government. Beginning with Averki's rejection of traditional religious teachings in the 12th century BCE, Pavark became dominated by an elite class of wealthy church officials. Due to the consolidation of power within the church and various internal squabbling over the past 500 years the Pavarkian government has shed some of it's territory to the far west as well important buffer states near the northern border with Averki.

The numerous government changes have brought about a steady stream of social reforms and in comparison, Parvarks enjoy more freedoms than most Averki. However, with constant social stress put on it's economic centers over the past few centuries, Pavark has fallen behind the Averki in technology and manufacturing, leading to many skirmishes designed to hinder their norther neighbor's increasing superiority. The financial burden of maintaining a military comparable to that of the Averki has only furthered economic hardships of the average Pavark. These stresses have been attributed as the primary driving force behind another wave of anti-government resentment.

The Pavarks have developed the beginnings of a warp propulsion system, but are still years away from completing a test vehicle. Delays in their progress have resulted in desperate measures by the government to scuttle the north's march towards deep space.

Large Cities

Go'ahn, capital, population: 8,750,000
Pou'lahv, population: 1,500,000
Laerhn, population: 1,200,000
Ruonav, population: 950,000

Important People

Garkaern Alnuen, Spy


The Veraki are a typical mammalian humanoid species which appears to be most common in the galaxy.

Skin pigmentation is typically tan to dark with very few instances of pale skin. Hair colour similarly ranges from the brown to black range most often.

Typical male height ranges between 1.8 and 2.3 meters tall and females from 1.5 to 2.0 meters.


Spirituality and Religion

New Findings

USS Vindicator report unofficial first contact with Veraki nation of Averki following a surprise warp test flight in late 2411. Reports of renewed conflict between the Averki and Pavark remain unconfirmed following the Vindicator's departure.