Verteron Torpedo

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Technology Data
Name Verteron Torpedo
Type Torpedo
Introduced 2405
Affiliation Federation
TechStatus UCIP Canon
Contributor Czarr Rom


Durring the Dominion Wars Starfleet came to the realization that it required a method to allow ships to quickly and safely withdraw from hostile situations. Analyzing the many tactical encounters from both past and present engagements it was determined that the best stragegy would be to "Step away" from hostiles instead of trying to run them off or out run them (both of which proved to be improbable within a limited time frame).

Initially the idea came up to knock out the enemies propulsion with some sort of plasma based discharge or warp feild distortion method. However that proved to be ineffective since a universal method was required to be applicable in any situation regardless of race or technology.

Several months into the project it was realised that in order to achieve this goal a more unorthadox approach was needed, and the Federation would have to bend its rules to allow technology to save lives.

The result of this understanding was a bill that was passed by the Federation Counsil granting a special allowance of reseach and development into the feild of Subspace manipulation explicitly for the purpose of a defensive solution and "exit strategy" to hostile situations.

Nearly a year later, in the R&D facilities at Tokyo Japan, Earth, a young scientist specializing in artificial subatomic particles stumbled across an old mission log of the USS Enterprise 1701 D from 2370. In it he read about an incident in which the Enterprise was instantly crippled by a Verteron pulse. The pulse had caused an immediate cascade failure in the ships Propulsion and Defensive subsystems while not causing any physical damage. The note on the log read "Pending furthur research into this phenomina".

The scientist presented his accidental find to his supiriors who immediatly dove into the subject and within 3 months a working prototype was ready for deployment.

Durring the initial test phase a Verteron particle generator was coupled with a magnatron accelerator powered by a standard dilithium/tirellium power cell. This allowed not only the production of verterons but also their acceleration to near light speeds in the fourm of a symetrical pulse.

The verteron particles that are generated artificially using standard methods are transfered to into the magnatron accelerator where they are accelerated to near light speeds. At those speeds Verterons begin decaying rapidly into an Isotope. As a Verteron particle decays it creates intense mirco anchors in subspace. This in itself is meaningless as they are so small that the effect is insignficant. As the particles reach their terminal velocity a controlled "flare" is initiated that causes the newly created isotopes to pulse out.

Again, were they normal verterons this would be meaningless, But due to the fact that prior to "pulsing" they anchor themselves to subspace the effect is a massive warping of subspace.

Imagine, if you will, a peice of rubber (like a ballon or latex glove) that is streched out.
"Normal Subspace"
That would be Subspace in its normal state. Now imagine you pinch the center and pull up, or push down. The rubber will bend but not rip. And when you let go it returns to normal, No damage, no evidence of any manipulation.

The effect is the same except each "pinch" or "push" on the "Rubbber" is 1 Verteron Particle. Since many Trillions of verterons are generated and pulsed out, It looks like this:

Effect of Verteron Torpedo on Subspace

Technical Specifications

The verteron torpedo, larger than the Photon Torpedo or Quantum Torpedo, disables subspace within a 5,000,000 kilometer spherical diameter within 20 seconds of detonation. The effect lasts an aproximate 30-90 seconds.

This disables a ships ability to goto warp, use subspace communications and even cloak.

[WARNING] Use of this technology should Not be implimented if the source ship is within blast radius.

Due to the nature of Verteron particle generators a maximum of 15 torpedoes may be carried on any One ship.