Vindicator Timeline

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The following is a comprehensive timeline of events involving the USS Vindicator in its various incarnations.

Alpha Fleet


USS Vindicator NCC-70314-A

240108.12 - The USS Vindicator, a Prometheus-class starship, is undergoing repairs before the Klingons return

240108.19 - Vindicator crew boards an Orbiting Reactor to save the injured crew and move the station out of the flight path of a monolithic vessel floating into it, then they manage to destroy the hulk before it collides with the planet.

240108.25 - The Vindicator transports Tactical expert Captain Pride to the Kilrathi homeworld to assist them on tactics, while the Vindicator defends two Kilrathi ships from Cardassian warships by scaring them off.

240109.09 - On a training mission under Fleet Captain O'Doyal and Commander Vincent, the Vindicator is ambushed by several Breen ships near the border, barely able to fight off the Breen by using their Multiple Combat Vector Mode.

240109.30 - Previously, fuel tanks on some fighters had begun to leak, contaminating the Fighter Bay and requiring massive bio hazard cleanup, search and rescue, and medical care.

240110.05 - The cleanup in the Flight Bay continues to completion with few mishaps adding to the trouble.

240110.14 - With the cleanup finished, the Vindicator continues on a diplomatic mission to the Pi Cappa Gamma system when their warp core destabilizes, followed by being challenged by a large alien vessel who eventually shows they mean to attack. Vindicator's warp engines are repaired in time for an escape.

240110.21 - Stopping for for minor repairs, the Vindicator responds to a distress call from a shuttle in the area, rescuing the crew before it explodes.

240110.28 - Finally arriving in Pi Cappa Gamma, the Vindicator takes up orbit around Leas which is inhabited by farmers. Beaming down, AXO Cmdr Livett does not rematerialize and the transporter is taken apart for investigation.

240111.04 - While searching for XO, it becomes apparent there was a transporter mixup with an alien vessel, and the crew manage to rescue Cmdr Livett while fending off the alien ship.

240111.11 - While seeking a cure to the plague of the farmer's cattle, the alien ship returns once more and shoots a shuttle down while the Vindicator engages.

240112.01 - The crew of the shot down shuttle is rescued and a prisoner taken. The crew discovers they are a species called Gevolans and there is a battle group coming to find the Vindicator.

240112.08 - The prisoner commits suicide as the alien battlegroup descends upon the Vindicator, with intruders in Engineering, but there also appear to be Borg transwarp signatures approaching.

240112.15 - The Borg Cube arrives and assimilates a Gevolan warship, and the Vindicator and remaining Gevolans fight and destroy the Cube while the freighters carrying the evacuated farmers gets away.

240112.22 - While escorting the freighters back to SB 205, the Vindicator detects a Gevolan carrier in trouble and offers assistance. During repairs, the Gevolan captain begins shooting at the Starfleet officers.

240112.29 - The Vindicator beams the away team back and tries to escape at warp, while the carrier pursues until they have no power left and is destroyed by a salvo of torpedoes.


240201.05 - The Vindicator arrives at Starbase Avalon for repairs and shore leave.

240201.12 - While enjoying R&R, the crew is invited to a one-time performance by the Galactic Space Circus which turns out to be a ruse for a 'clown' to get his revenge for his brother killed in an engineering accident. The perpetrator is eventually killed while holding the crew hostage... or is he?

240201.19 - The Vindicator departs SB Avalon and heads to the wormhole to the Alpha Centius galaxy carrying supplies for the outpost there.

240202.02 - On the other side of the wormhole, the Vindicator detects a ship on long range sensors moving at approximately Warp 20.

240202.16 - The Vindicator investigates the wreckage of an 80-year old Terran Confederation colony ship and rescue a 19 year old engineering PO2 named Ingrid from stasis.

240203.09 - After surveying the wreck, the USS Vindicator joins with the USS Indefatigable and others to search for the USS Avalon after a 2-day old distress call was received at Starbase Camelot.

240203.16 - After searching for the Avalon under cloak, the Vindicator and Indefatigable find it intact and loaded with illegal weapons, followed by the Avalon beginning to pursue the Indie. It is in fact the UAA Avalon, not the USS Avalon.

240203.23 - After a battle between the Indi and Vindi agains the Odin-class UAA Avalon, the Starfleet ships make a run for it and return safely to SB Camelot.

240203.30 - After returning the USS Avalon to SB Camelot, the Vindicator pursues the UAA Avalon once more into a nebula and rescues crew members of the USS Avalon, eventually driving the UAA Avalon off.

240204.13 - USS Vindicator NCC 70314-Alpha is decommissioned, the crew transfers to the USS Vindicator NCC-70314-Beta, an Akira II-class starship.

USS Vindicator NCC-70314-B

240204.20 - Commodore Sean Archer assumes command of Alpha Fleet, the USS Vindicator becomes the flagship. The ship embarks on a shakedown cruise and investigates a system for potential colonization, but the star goes Nova just as the Vindicator manages to rescue the away team and escape.

240205.04 - The Vindicator surveys the area after the nova while repairing the massive damage inflicted upon the ship, finding that something was drawn to the star's death.

240205.11 - The creatures drawn by the nova are forced off the Vindicator's hull and pulled in by the gravity well remaining at the system's center, after repairs the Vindicator returns to SB Camelot.

240205.25 - As the Vindicator restocks at SB Camelot, it is rocked by the detonation of a Quantum II warhead.

240206.22 - The Vindicator enters the Civonian system and makes contact with the Civonian Consensus, made up of several species, who had requested tactical aid from Starfleet, but they find the system is littered with starbases, planetary installations and thousands of starships.

240206.29 - Captain Sean Archer meets with the Civonian representatives while the crew explorers the starbase the Vindicator is docked at.

240207.06 - The crew begins to experience time loops and resets, while they search for the cause of this temporal anomaly.

240208.10 - The Vindicator recovers a probe, but once aboard EM interference begins to occur and contamination spreads, resulting in Engineering needing to be eveacuated. USS Caron is holding at a safe distance nearby while the crew attempt to deal with the situation.

240208.17 - The crew continues to respond to and deal with the contamination of Engineering.

240208.31 - While on patrol, the Vindicator responds to a powerless USS Nevada, which is drifting into the wormhole. While attempting to render aid, the Vindicator is ambushed by Maquis raiders who are fought off, and the Nevada is towed out of range of the wormhole.

240209.14 - During a visit from the Alpha Fleet Deputy Commander, Vindicator's engineering section becomes flooded with radiation which the crew tries to deal with.

240210.05 - Vindicator is involved with a mission with Section 31. All other information has been classified.

240210.14 - The ship picks up supplies and passengers at Outpose 39, but some of those passengers attempt to take over the ship, resulting in the crew having to apply sleep agents across many decks to secure the Vindicator.

240211.04 - Sensors detect warp travel from the Anteris IV system, and investigate possible First Contact, meanwhile the crew begins to suffer flu-like symptoms from stellar radiation.

240212.07 - Away teams investigate a colony and it's reactor systems in relation to their radiation sickness, finally heading off to find the original source.

240212.14 - Vindicator responds to an attack by pirates on the Prima Colony and manage to drive them off.

240212.21 - The ship makes First Contact with the felinoid Tiaggen species, and find the pilot of a downed shuttle with amnesia.


240301.11 - The Vindicator is stranded with a war brewing between the Civonian Consensus and the Nij, the latter of whom the Vindicator's weapons have little effect.

240301.25 - While investigating a derelict, the ship comes to life and speeds away with the away team inside, with the Vindicator in pursuit to rescue them.

240302.01 - Life forms aboard the derelict begin to attack the away team.

240302.15 - Away team is rescued, senior staff discuss what to do about the ship and the inhabitants of it.

240303.01 - Staff still discussing what to do about the alien ship, meanwhile unidentified fighters are spotted heading toward the Vindicator.

240303.15 - Vindicator is ordered back to Civonian space for repairs, then is to head back to Backwater Station to rendezvous with Alpha Fleet to prepare for the coming war.

240303.22 - With the impending war, several punishable offences are tabled and/or cleared so as not to deprive the Fleet of able officers in the coming conflict. Vindicator returns to Civonian space.

240303.29 - Captain Lance Violator official assumes command of Commodore Archer's flagship, the Vindicator rejoins the fleet.

240304.26 - The Vindicator detects a Nij ship on long-range sensors, and the Vindicator proceeds to intercept and engage in an attempt to board the vessel.

240305.03 - After a skilled engagement, the Vindicator manage to capture the crew of the Nij ship and beam over SFF teams to search the ship.

240305.11 - While SFF teams search the boarded Nij ship, more Nij warships arrive to attack the Vindicator.

240305.24 - The Vindicator fights with a squadron of Nij destroyers as the away team investigates the Nij scout, which leads to systems on the ship to begin shutting down.

240305.31 - While the crew attempts to restore power, the fighters do what they can to hold of the destroyers, but just as shields seem to be stabilizing, a Nij destroyer gets through and batters the Vindicator's shielding.

240306.07 - The crew are rewarded for their recent efforts.

240306.14 - The Vindicator follows the captain to the task force's hiding spot in NULL space where he takes command of the USS Caron to fight the Nij warships.

240306.21 - The battle group fends of the Nij, lead by the USS Caron covering the Vindicator, and await orders from Alpha Fleet.

240306.28 - Captain Lance Violator takes command of the Vindicator Battlegroup under orders from Rear Admiral O'Neill.

240307.05 - Crew continues repairs from encounter with the Nij.

240307.12 - Crew continues repairs from encounter with the Nij, and prepares to get underway.

240307.26 - The Vindicator detects unusual energy readings from a nearby planet and upon investigation discover a cross-over with SG-1.

240308.09 - As hostilities wind down, the Vindicator is ordered back to Starbase Europa by Rear Admiral O'Neill, temporarily in command of Alpha Fleet due to the disappearance of Commodore Sean Archer. While the crew continues to seek clues into the hostilities between the Civonians and Nij, the UAA Avalon has returned to hunt the Vindicator.

240309.20 - Lieutenant Commander Alexandre Goncalves assumes command of the Vindicator, shore leave ends and the ship departs SB Europa.

240309.27 - The Vindicator begins a series of combat exercises, fighting against simulations of Nij warships and fighters, doing very well in the evaluation.

240310.11 - The Vindicator becomes trapped in a wormhole which suddenly appears and the crew attempts to free the ship.

240311.01 - Finally escaping from the wormhole, the Vindicator begins the journey back to Alpha Fleet in the Alpha Centius Galaxy.

240311.29 - The Vindicator is 90,000 LY away from SB Europa, Alpha Fleet and the Alpha Centius Galaxy, searching for a way 'home.'

240312.06 - The crew tries to keep their spirits up in the 10 Forward lounge, but a fire breaks out to ruin even that, meanwhile Acting Commander Alexandre Goncalves attempts to find a way for the Vindicator to get back.

240312.13 - Surprisingly the ship's location changes abruptly to be near Starbase Europa, and the Vindicator receives communication from Alpha Fleet to proceed to the Galatron system to find out why the fourth planet exploded.


240401.03 - The Vindicator responds to a distress call from the USS Caron, rescuing survivors including Commodore Sean Archer and attempting to salvage her before heading off to the Galotron System.

240401.10 - Investigation of Galotron IV shows heavy concentration of trilithium deposits, highly volatile.

240401.24 - While investigating the trilithium deposits, the Vindicator is challenged by a Nij scout who decries their presence in the system and attacks, finally detonating themselves in a futile attempt to destroy the Vindicator which gets away.

240403.13 - While docked at an alien station, Acting Captain Goncalves is attacked by a rebel faction but is saved by station security, which leads to an investigation by marines and Security.

240405.02 - With the disappearance of Acting Captain Goncalves, Lieutenant Commander Aurora Cerrdwen takes command and sends in the marines and security to find him on the station, while there are intruders lurking about the Vindicator.

240405.09 - The crew continues to comb the ship for intruders, but a larger threat awaits as Nij warships prepare to attack the Vindicator and the station with trilithium resin-laden torpedoes.

240406.05 - Though the Vindicator manages to destroy the trilithium torpedoes before they can destroy the ship, the station inhabitants are all killed in the explosion and the Vindicator suffers moderate damage.

240406.12 - An alien intruder with shape-shifting abilities begins to attack members of the crew.

240406.19 - The alien is finally captured and the Vindicator sends fighters out to search for it's origins.

240406.24 - To find out more about the tight-lipped alien, a Vulcan Ensign defies orders and mind-melds with the creature.

240407.03 - After finding and boarding a derelict, the away team is attacked by creatures salivating acid, so they set the ship to self-destruct with a warp-core breach before escaping.

240407.10 - After successfully finding out some information about the alien, the crew is stunned to learn of the destruction of Backwater Station and Deep Space Europa. They prepare to retaliate in force.

240407.17 - Upon arriving at the destroyed remains of Starbase Europa, the Vindicator discovers the remains of Nij warships among the debris.

240407.24 - They find what appears to be an abandoned compound on the planet the believe the alien came from and download it's strange database.

240407.31 - The compound defences begin to activate as the away team has to fight to stay alive.

240408.07 - With the away team back aboard, the Vindicator receives word from Alpha Fleet to rendezvous at Syronis 6 for a final stand against the Nij.

240408.14 - En route to Syronis 6, the Vindicator responds to an SOS from the USS Missiouri and rescue Commodore Sean Archer and crew.

240408.21 - After rescuing the crew, the Vindicator tows the Missouri to Syronis 6 to join the fleet.

240408.28 - Tensions are on the rise as old faces mingle with the crew, and the CMO's connection to the alien is having side-effects as the Vindicator and Missourie arrive at Syronis 6.

240409.04 - Upon arrival, the Vindicator's shields begin to lose integrity as the crew desperately attempts to stablize them.

240409.11 - The Vindicator docks at the Syronis 6 station and takes a little rest.

240409.18 - While much of the crew, including Commander Deon-Starcher and Lieutenant Commander Skylooker, are enjoying the holodeck, it begins to malfunction much to the crew's dismay.

240409.25 - The malfunctions spread throughout the ship as power failures are increasing in number.

240410.02 - The environmental controls fail next, causing ship temperatures to plummet.

240410.09 - With the battle edging closer, the crew works frantically to get the Vindicator back into fighting form.

240410.16 - At the Battle of Syronis, the Vindicator goes toe-to-toe with a Nij destroyer and forces them to withdraw, but is heavily damaged in the process and needs to be shielded by a Civonian cruiser. The crew is transported to the USS Tempest which takes them and tows the Vindicator back to the station.

240410.23 - The Vindicator undergoes massive repairs and prepares to depart once more.

240410.30 - The crew celebrates the 10th Annivesry of the UCIP.

240411.06 - Alpha Fleet orders the Vindicator to the Draxian System to reestablish contact with the inhabitants, early allies of the Federation since their arrival in this galaxy.

240411.13 - The Vindicator proceeds to the Draxian System and prepares for the encounter.

240411.20 - A day in the life of the night shift and the strange things that happen when the lights are dimmed to half illumination.

240411.27 - The away team meets with the Draxian Elders, who request to visit the Vindicator before agreeing to support Starfleet agains the Nij, but there is a problem when trying to beam them aboard. Meanwhile, tensions remain high aboard the ship as the CO and XO continue to rankle against each other.


240501.01 - An agreement is reached with the Draxian Elders and away teams begin searching their world for resources usable by Alpha Fleet in their war agains the Nij.

240501.08 - It becomes known that the Draxians are suffering from a virus that they did not tell the Vindicator about, allowing several of the crew to become infected.

240502.05 - A cure is finally found, and as it is being administered to the crew the Vindicator heads back to the Draxian homeworld to share it with them, but are suddenly attacked by fighters.

240502.12 - The Vindicator begins to search for those who attacked them while delivering the cure to the Draxians.

240502.19 - After concluding their mission with the Draxians, the Vindicator is ordered to investigate a spatial phenomenon.

240502.26 - As the Vindicator nears the phenomenon, the sensor readings become erratic and members of the crew seem to fall asleep at random.

240504.09 - Captain Marina Deon becomes possessed by a spirit called Captain Rogers while several of the crew try to pull the Vindicator away from this disturbing region.

240504.16 - The Vindicator returns to Alpha Fleet HQ for some R&R.

240505.14 - The crew responds to a distress call from a crashed ship on the planet Qyntarus.

240505.28 - Along with evacuating the surface, the crew must find a way to rescue the CO and XO.

240506.04 - The command team is found and brought back to the ship in an injured state.

240507.23 - The inhabitants of Qyntarus pursue the away team in the underground tunnels of their city.

240508.20 - The Vindicator stops off at the Atorian homeworld for a quick resupply, unaware the ally of the Federation-Civonian alliance is under internal strife with it's neighbors.

240508.27 - Members of the Atorian rebel faction are able to trick their way on to the Vindicator before the planetary government can inform them of the troubles.

240509.04 - Upon returning to Alpha Fleet HQ at Starbase 692, Captain Marina Deon and Commander Martouf Skylooker are reassigned, Commander Aurora Cerrdwen resuming as ACO.

240509.17 - The new AXO, Lieutenant Commander Arnold E, arrives and reports in to Commander Cerrdwen while the crew is on R&R.

240509.25 - Continuing R&R.

240510.23 - Underway once more, the Vindicator is sent to investigate a Cosmic String, but becomes caught in it's gravitational pull. To escape, they must dive into it and they end up in the Triangulum Galaxy.

240510.30 - While exploring this strange new galaxy, the crew begins to experience odd happenings, including not moving while at warp, power loses and missing people.

240511.06 - As strange occurrences continue and systems begin to malfunction in odd ways, the crew begin to realize the Vindicator is 'caught' in some sort of net.

240511.26 - The CEO makes unusual discoveries about this 'net,' able to free fall from a shuttle onto a planet safely and instantaneously which surprises the away team already there.

240512.18 - Investigating the Vortex unsuccessfully, the Vindicator gets visited by the presence of a life form which is stranded as the crew tethers it's ship into their shuttlebay.

240512.29 - Opening the stasis pods within the alien ship, they meet the beings who are the last of their people and discover they are from the Gamma Quadrant, their world destroyed by the Borg but they themselves were saved by the Q. They agree to help the Vindicator build a jump gate to return home in exchange for passage as well.

Beta Fleet


240605.13 - The USS Vindicator transfers to Beta Fleet and is now based out of Starbase 99, Versailles.

240606.25 - Captain Osric Tia assumes command, Acting Captain Aurora Cerrdwen returns to Commander and takes over as XO. The Vindicator switches from IRC to Play-by-Email format.

240607.02 - After assisting an alien vessel with repairs, the Vindicator finds itself drawn into some sort of Iconian-created rift but is able to detect the USS Resolution and follow it out back to Starbase 99.

240611.05 - Captain Osric Tia is replaced with Acting Captain (Lieutenant Commander) Ropak, while the Vindicator undergoes refit and repair at Versailles.

240611.12 - The Vindicator, along with crew from Versailles, discover a secret Romulan base on the planet of Yadalla and engage the Romulans. They are able to disable one ship before being forced to retreat from Romulan reinforcements.

240611.19 - The Romulans catch up to the Vindicator and due to her damaged shields from the battle are able to board her in force. The crew of the Vindicator are able to repel the boarders and return to Versailles.

240612.10 - The Klingons and Romulans begin a fight for the base found on YaDalla, with several starships, including the Vindicator, and Versailles caught in the middle. Damage to the Vindicator is extreme, and the crew is transferred to another ship in the sector.


USS Vindicator NCC-78213

240701.17 - The crew of the Vindictor continues to transfer equipment and baggage to the new ship, and overhauling it for their use. Throughout the month the crew continues to test and flex the new Vindicator's systems.

240703.11 - Acting Commander Ropak and Commander Aurora Cerrdwen are reassigned, being replaced with new CO Captain Jason Thompson and XO Commander Larissa Ael'Dharvanek, who get the ship ready for return to service.

240703.18 - As the crew adjusts to the new command team, the Vindicator is ordered to search for the aged Ambassador-class USS Berkeley, which had been struck and disabled by a long-dormant Dominion torpedo.

240703.25 - Upon finding the Berkeley disabled by Dominion weapons, the Vindicator prepares for an attack, but soon come to realize there torpedo was a relic from the first Dominion War.

240704.02 - The away teams beam aboard the USS Berkeley and meet with Captain Kingsley and they begin securing and repairing the damaged ship while looking out for anyone who might try to press an advantage.

240704.08 - The terrorist organization called the Vanguard attempt to thwart the Vindicator's efforts and attack, trying to secure the Berkeley for themselves.

240704.15 - The Vindicator's XO is shot by Vanguard borders on the Berkeley, and the Starfleet crews begin to fight to repel the intruders. Meanwhile, the Vindicator attempts to fend off the Vanguard attack ships and protect the Berkeley from further boarders.

240704.22 - The arrival of a Starfleet task force persuades the Vanguard to abandon their attempt on the Berkeley and they retreat, while the Vindicator regains it's crew and heads back to Starbase 22.

240704.29 - Upon return to SB 22, Commander Dex'el the Graceful is made the XO, and the crew enjoys some R&R.

240705.06 - The Vindicator proceeds to the Callen system after detecting signals from it, finding it inhabited with a modern civilization so away teams are given the appearance of Callens and begin studying the planet.

240705.14 - While researching the Callen planet, a probe is lost and crash lands on the planet, threatening the Prime Directive.

240705.21 - A planet-based weapon is detected, and the Callens become aware of the Vindicator and begin to monitor the Starfleet ship. Another shuttle is sent to retrieve the crashed probe. Meanwhile, an orbiting satellite causes the Vindicator's warp corp to destabilize.

240705.28 - Several of the Away Team is captured by the Callen Military, which does have it's own starships and begins to surround the Vindicator while they interrogate their prisoner.

240706.04 - Another away team prepares to head down to rescue the first, who have manged to escape but one is infected with an iron-eating bacteria and requires medical attention.

240706.11 - The away teams are still being held for questioning as the CO meets with the Callen Legate, while the Vindicator continues to avoid the defence satellites.

240706.18 - The CO meets with the government magistrate who considers letting the Starfleet officers go. The officer infected with the bacteria remains in frail health.

240706.25 - The crew manages to polarize the hull against the destabilizing effect of the satellites and the Vindicator returns to beam the officers back out, recovering the crashed probe in the process before exiting the nebula with the Callen ships pursuing them until they are gone.

240707.02 - The Vindicator manages to escape the nebula after a brief skirmish with Callenian fighters, returning to Starbase 22.

240707.09 - The crew takes in some shore leave and a marriage.

240707.16 - While the crew returns to normal routine, the CO receives their next set of orders involving securing a deep range sensor array.

240707.23 - The Vindicator arrives in the Qualor System and prepares to secure the Argosa-class Array.

240707.30 - As the Vindicator docks with the array and assembles away teams to board it and repair it's 'malfunction,' a Ferengi cargo ship enters the system carrying supplies for the Krivaldi, but crashes in an asteroid field trying to evade notice from the Vindicator.

240708.06 - The Ferengi freighter is towed into the Vindicator's shuttlebay where the crew resist at first but are subdued, and fighters are on the lookout for any nearby Krivaldi ships while security, marine and repair teams board the array.

240708.13 - Finding volatile moycerite aboard the Ferengi ship, the Vindicator dumps it into space and detonates it at a safe distance. Aboard the array, booby traps are found in the database systems and the transmissions coordinates have been changed.

240708.20 - The coordinates of the transceiver pointing at empty space, the away teams take a closer look at the transceiver itself and find more traps and a small unknown device behind a wall panel that they cannot identify.

240708.27 - Voles from the array begin to infest the Vindicator, though the XO seems to liken them to pets, and the away team returns with the device and the array fixed and return to proper operation.

240709.03 - En route to Starbase 22, the Vindicator suddenly drops out of warp and begins to suffer power loss to several systems, including lighting.

240709.09 - The source of the problem is found to be a computer virus in the main computer core. Meanwhile, intra-ship communications are reestablished by using tricorders which are unaffected by the virus. The crew plans to reboot the computer by using a shuttle's computer.

240709.17 - The Vindicator has to be towed back to Starbase 22, much to the crew's embarrassment, while efforts to purge the virus from the computer core continue.

240709.24 - In dock, the Vindicator begins undergoing repairs to it's computer core and other systems damaged in the virus attack.

240710.01 - All systems repaired, the Vindicator heads to the Hanton System where reports of Vanguard activity have emerged passed on by the USS Zeus. The ship and crew are also honored with the Bergen Award.

240710.08 - A station is found orbiting Hanton IV and the administrator refuses the Vindicator's crew access by right of being a civilian facility, though sensors detect phasers and torpedoes aboard. The station opens fire on the Vindicator, but the Vindicator outmatches the aging station and seems close to victory when suddenly she is bombarded by weapons platforms hidden in subpsace pockets, forcing the Vindicator to withdraw.

240710.15 - While the crew repairs the damage from the surprise bombardment, a way to detect the hidden platforms is found and preparations to destroy them are made, including an infiltration team to shut down their controls.

240710.22 - The security force moves in on the station while the Vindicator begins to engage the hidden platforms, but it suddenly loses targetting resolution on the subspace bubbles due to sabotage.

240710.30 - Despite the setback, the Vindicator compensates and continues to engage the platforms, destroying many but taking a beating in the process as hull breaches and casualties are reported. The Security team has boarded the station and is attempting to secure the controls.

240711.05 - The Vindicator is boarded by mechanical wasps and the marines and security attempt to defend the ship's systems and crew from their attacks.

240711.12 - The bridge is successfully protected from the wasps, and it's found the station does not have the computer power to control both the wasps and the platforms, so the Vindicator resumes destroying the platforms, this time free of return fire.

240711.19 - With the platforms destroyed, the Vindicator heads back to the station to pick up it's infiltration team.

240711.26 - Many of the Vanguard agents are able to escape when they are picked up by an unidentified Oberth-class starship. The crew secures the station's computers while repairing their damage.

240712.02 - The Vindicator leaves the Hanton system and is en route back to Starbase 22 when they are informed of the destruction of the Utopia Planetia Shipyards and the death of the Federation President, linked to the Krivaldi, Gorn, Breen and Dominion, who have begun attacks at various points across the Federation.

240712.07 - Returning to Starbase 22, the Vindicator begins preparing for war.

240712.14 - Due to the war, the Vanguard have offered a temporary truce, freeing the Vindicator to go to Starbase 369 near the Gorn border to ascertain if it was still under Federation control, as contact had been lost.

240712.28 - The crew celebrates the holidays during the calm before the galactic storm of war.


240801.12 - The crew of the Vindicator prepare for the worst and plan to retake Starbase 369 if needs be.

240802.10 - Underway to begin combat operations, the Vindicator encounters and disables a Krivaldie battleship and prepares to board it.

240802.17 - The Krivaldi battleship is beginning to destabilize, shortening the time the away teams have to secure it.

240803.01 - The away teams and marines rush to vacate the Krivaldi battleship before it loses containment and explodes.

240803.08 - The Vindicator arrives at SB 369 but the station's sensors identify the Vindicator as a Jem'Hadar attack ship and they open fire before realising the error. The base has been under siege for some time, and the Vindicator promises to offer any aid they can. The Dominion surround the ship and station and offer to allow the Vindicator to leave with the starbase's crew, leaving the strategically located station to the Vindicator.

240803.15 - Time goes by as the Vindicator has 12 hours to give the Dominion Vorta their answer to the offer.

240803.22 - The Vindicator refuses the offer and prepares to defend the station at all costs, and the Jem'Hadar and Krivaldi prepare an assault. The majority of the crew transfers to SB 369 to defend it while the Vindicator returns to SB 22 to get reinforcements.

240803.29 - The Dominion and Krivaldi begin their attack, managing to board the station despite a surprisingly effective EMP weapon neutralizing many of the attacking ships in the 1st wave.

240804.05 - The battle for Starbase 369 continues, the attacks coming in waves and the defenders giving ground bought with blood.

240804.12 - Two Starfleet squadrons, one lead by the USS Berkeley and Vindicator and the other by Rear Admiral Malone's group, converge on SB 369 to draw Dominion and Krivaldi fire from the station. The attackers adapt to the EMP weapon and renew their attacks, dwindling the station's ability to defend itself.

240804.19 - Battle continues, neither side gaining a clear advantage and loss of life is piling up on both sides.

240804.26 - 1st Dominion War-era Defiant-class ships are quickly brought into service, crewed mostly be Academy students, to assist with the battle for SB 369 and several more ships enter the fray in an attempt to defend the battered station and Vindicator.

240805.03 - The Starfleet ships take up a defensive formation around the starbase and repel more attacks, the USS DaVinci fighting it out with several Krivaldi ships before joining the defensive formation. In an attempt to detour another attack, the DaVinci hides in the surrounding asteroid field and sends asteroids at passing Jem'Hadar ships.

240805.10 - Desperation begins to take the defenders, with the crew of the USS Messier ramming a Dominion battleship after being beamed out by their wing mate USS Velocity, and Rear Admiral Malone's battlegroup approaches the system.

240805.17 - The Tiger-Claws group enters the system and deploys two battalions of marines to assume defence of the station, and the crew return to the Vindicator. The DaVinci joins the Tiger-Claw's fleet.

240805.24 - The Vindicator returns to Starbase 22 to undergo extensive repairs and personnel replacement due to the damage and casualties from defending Starbase 369.

240805.31 - The crew takes in some hard-earned downtime while the war continues on the front-lines.

240806.07 - While on a trip in a shuttle, Commodore Thompson and company come under attack, fighter response finding a Lysarian freighter nearby and they detain it, escorting it back to SB 22 while taking the shuttle back to the Vindicator.

240806.14 - With the Commodore rescued, the Vindicator is ordered to investigate a strange signal in the Tebrun system which had indicators of being a distress call.

240806.28 - Arriving in orbit of Tebrun III, the Vindicator prepares to send down an away team to investigate the source of the signal.

240807.05 - An away team beams down to the planet to investigate the source of the signal, but soon they realize they are being hunted by native predators.

240807.12 - The teams encounter the predators, unsure how to respond to their presence. Elsewhere, a Vorta contacts a Thaosian hunter.

240807.19 - Taking one of the beasts down, the away team finds a device on the creature which turns out to be a Dominion mind probe allowing them to use the animals as recon units.

240807.26 - The Thaosian hunter and company arrive and surround the away team, accusing them of trespassing. The predators attack, leading to a fire fight where the Jem'Hadar reinforce the Thaosians and capture the recon team.

240808.02 - While the captured away team contemplates a way to escape while they are subjected to a substance called Ketracel Blue, the Vindicator's CO decides to recover them from the Dominion, whether they are alive or dead. Extraction plans are put into place.

240808.09 - A strange virus begins to spread from Engineering and infects the crew, and the marines head back to the planet to search for the first away team and the crashed fighter. The signal that lured the Vindicator is still transmitting, and a Jem'Hadar attack ship comes up from the planet and disables the Vindicator's warp nacelles before flying off at warp.

240808.16 - The captured away team manage to escape, able to ambush a Jem'Hadar communications setup on their way out.

240808.23 - With the away team rescued, Beta Fleet sends a medical ship to assist the Vindicator with the affects of the Ketracel Blue as the ship was placed under biohazard quarantine. An antibody is found to cure the virus, however, and the Vindicator leaves for the Trilista Colony.

240808.30 - The Vindicator remains in orbit of Trilista while the crew copes with the events that occurred on Tebrun III.

240809.06 - With the quarantine lifted, the crew starts to return to routine.

240809.20 - It is discovered that the XO was subjected to Ketracel White in an effort to turn him to Dominion loyalties, leading to the belief that Dominion infiltrators may be aboard.

240810.11 - The crew directs their efforts to shore up the weaknesses to Dominion infiltration aboard the ship.

240810.18 - Still in orbit of Trilista, the crew searches for a cure for Ketracel Blue.

240810.25 - The crew finds a strange device attached to the computer core causing it to shut down. It is removed and other systems checked for similar devices.

240811.01 - The Vindicator returns to Starbase 22 where Commodore Thompson is promoted to Rear Admiral and given command of the station, while Captain Jorel Sorad and Lieutenant Horatio Preston assume command.

240811.08 - The change in command is made official, and the marine unit is transferred off the ship with the end of the war.

240811.15 - The USS Destiny reports a disabled Krivaldi ship, attacked by a race called the Vori, near the border and requests the Vindicator look into it.

240811.29 - Upon arrival in the Zyphris system, the Vindicator offers aid to the Krivaldi ship, which reluctantly accepts. The Vori ship that attacked the Krivaldi see this and assume the Vindicator is allied with their enemy, the Krivaldi.

240812.06 - While repairing their systems, Starfleet engineers covertly sneak a peak at Krivaldi files. After learning more on the Vori, Admiral Cerywyn berates Captain Sorad for assisting the enemy and possibly involving Starfleet in renewed hostilities. Indeed, Federation prisoners are discovered aboard the Krivaldi battleship.

240812.13 - The Vindicator beams it's away team and the prisoners back, inciting the Krivaldi to claim Starfleet has betrayed them and two more warships are en route to confront the Vindicator.

240812.20 - The Krivaldi reinforcements arrive and the Vindicator launches fighters and assumes battle stations.

240812.27 - Captain Sorad ignores suggestions to flee, instead the Vindicator engages and fights the Krivaldi warships which are more heavily armed than anticipated. A torpedo hit temporarily decompresses the bridge, causing Captain Sorad to be blown out into space. He is beamed to Sickbay while the XO orders the Vindicator to withdraw. The Vori warship moves in to assist against the Krivaldi.


240901.10 - After refusing an order to surrender, the Vindicator is assisted by two Vori warships. They agree to an ad-hoc alliance with the Federation against the Krivaldi, brokered by Acting CO Lieutenant Commander Horatio Preston.

240901.17 - Beta Fleet sends support ships to bring the Vindicator back to Starbase Versailles, while the Krivaldi have boarded the Vindicator in Main Engineering, leading to a fierce battle to repel the boarders.

240901.24 - With Captain Sorad near death, the flight deck wrecked, warp drive inoperative and weapons all but gone, the crew focuses on repairing the essentials of Warp drive. They are then escorted to Versailles by the USS Liam and Emily.

240901.31 - The Vindicator returns to Versailles and begin repairs. Captain Sorad's condition is not improved and his family is contacted to determine if he is to be taken off life-support.

240902.07 - The crew takes in R&R and recovers from the battle and the change in command.

240902.14 - Repairs continue, and a slight problem with the substantially-rebuilt warp drive is reported.

240902.21 - As the ship prepares to get underway for warp trials, elsewhere the Vanguard are planning to reopen hostilities in the post-war setting.

240903.01 - The Vindicator departs, but before heading to the trial grounds condemning evidence is found that ACO Lieutenant Commander Preston has some illicit dealings with the Dominion, and is removed by Commander Alan Runt who assumes command.

240903.07 - During the warp drive tests, a failure occurs at high warp and causes several plasma conduits to blow out. Several Dominion-made bombs are found on the Flight Deck. The Vindicator comes to an all-stop to conduct damage control. Elsewhere, the Vanguard cunningly take control of the USS Crazy Horse.

240903.14 - The bombs on the Flight Deck are accidentally detonated, causing heavy damage to that section. The approach of the USS Crazy Horse is detected, oddly far out of it's patrol position. The Vanguard reveal they have taken the ship, and offer and exchange: the Horse crew for Preston and the Flight Deck saboteur.

240903.21 - The exchange takes place, followed by the Crazy Horse firing on the Vindicator then fleeing. The Vindicator gives chase to retake the Crazy Horse.

240903.28 - Vanguard operatives capture the USS Dogma, Hatcher and Sentinel and take them to the rendezvous point to assist the Crazy Horse. The Vindicator catches up with the Horse at Arelia IV and engage, able to penetrate their shields and send boarding parties from both the Horse and Vindicator crew to retake it.

240904.04 - The battle for the Crazy Horse continues, and the Starfleet boarders capture a key member of the Vanguard along Preston and many others, but casualties begin to mount on both sides as lethal force escalates.

240904.11 - As the battle seems all but won, fighters from the Vindicator encounter the small Vanguard fleet arriving to assist the Crazy Horse and they alert the Vindicator.

240904.18 - The arrival of the Vanguard reinforcements causes the Vindicator to withdraw, unable to reclaim the Crazy Horse so they fire several torpedoes at the shield-less hull and damage it beyond field repair before they depart. The Vindicator returns to Versailles with many Vanguard prisoners.

240904.25 - Returned to Versailles, the Vindicator loses it's fighter squadron to rotation, and the Flight Deck is rebuilt to accommodate a full Wing.

240905.02 - Awards Ceremony is held on the retired Marine Decks, after which work begins to replace them with extra Science Labs and a two-deck Hospital facility.

240905.09 - Upon request from the 2nd Marine Division CO, a mix-matched squadron of Marine fighters is transferred to the Vindicator.

240905.23 - While in dock and undergoing refit, the Vindicator begins to experience numerous malfunctions.

240905.30 - Final diagnostics and systems checks are conducted as the Vindicator prepares to depart Versailles.

240906.06 - With their cargo, one of the ringleaders of the Vanguard taken in the last mission, the Vindicator departs to drop him off with a prison transport before heading off to search of the other stolen ships.

240906.13 - The Vindicator suddenly encounters a wormhole that pulls them in and deposits them in the middle of an unfamiliar nebula. The Warp Core and main power is off-line, the ship is adrift. Their arrival was noted by someone else.

240906.20 - The CO, Commander Alan Runt, was incapacitated during the unexpected wormhole transit. Power is restored and propulsion brought back online, but sensors cannot penetrate the Mutara-class nebula and they are blind as well as lost.

240906.27 - The Hiigaran mining ship which saw the Vindicator arrive hides in the nebula and watches the strange ship.

240907.04 - Fighters are launched to give the Vindicator some vision, and sensors are restored enough to detect the Hiigaran ship.

240907.11 - First Contact is established and the Hiigaran CO comes aboard and offers to assist in adapting the Vindicator's systems to the Nebula, meanwhile the Hiigaran officers are fearful of the Starfleet ship and plan a mutiny to flee.

240907.18 - The Hiigaran technicians aboard the Vindicator assist in bringing the Warp Drive back online.

240907.25 - In Memorial, Admiral Alexandra Timmis.

240908.01 - The Hiigaran ship flees deep into the stormy heart of the nebula, leaving their CO and technicians behind. The Vindicator prepares to pursue at the behest of the Hiigaran CO, citing it was the Vindicator's presence which had led to this occurrence.

240908.08 - The Vindicator enters the storm at the heart of the nebula, searching with limited sensors for the Hiigaran ship. Elsewhere, a Marine fighter stumbles upon the wormhole and also falls through it, finding himself in the same nebula and sending a distress signal. The Vindicator abandons it's pursuit of the Hiigaran ship to answer the distress call.

240908.15 - The Hiigaran ship disappears into the very center of the nebula. The Vindicator rescues the marine pilot, who informs them that the Borg have invaded the Federation once more. The crew is now anxious to get home to join the defence, but the Hiigaran ship, the Anvil, comes barrelling out of the storm at the Vindicator.

240909.05 - The Hiigaran CO boards the Anvil with Starfleet Security, finding it seemingly empty of Hiigarans, but the away team encounter several beings who existed in a phased state and demand they leave. The search for the wormhole mouth yields little results.

240909.12 - The Hiigaran CO elects to remain behind as the away team leaves the Anvil, followed by energy beams grab a hold of and pull the Hiigaran ship back into the storm. The search for the wormhole starts to have promising leads.

240909.19 - The Vindicator is able to match the phase variance of the beings and open a 'phasic gateway,' and the XO takes a shuttle through to negotiate the release of the Hiigarans. The native beings agree on the condition the next trespassers will be destroyed.

240909.26 - With the wormhole mouth found, the crew say goodbye to the Hiigarans and prepare to return home.

240910.03 - The Vindicator returns to Beta Quadrant, too late to assist against the Borg and is ordered to Starbase 22 for a tactical refit, as the Border Defense Fleet is in ruin and rebuilding efforts is underway so there are some weapon components now available that were not before.

240910.10 - The Colonel James Archer rescued by the Vindicator decides to stay, and another squadron of fighters is assigned to the ship to make up a Wing. While the Vindicator undergoes a major tactical upgrade, with the destruction of so many ships freighters in the outer sectors become prey to increased pirate activity.

240910.17 - During the downtime, interdepartmental training begins in anti-bording scenarios. The Colony of Cestus III near the Gorn border begins to note the number of missing ships in their sector.

240910.24 - Two months have passed and the refit is complete. Commander Auryn Bishop and Lieutenant Commander Vokar are given command of the Vindicator and tasked with maintaining peace and stability in the Cestus Sector, beginning by investigating the missing freighters over the past several months.

240910.31 - Selelvian military raiders clash with Zaldan cruisers, who have been stepping up in the absence of Starfleet patrols to begin protecting the space lanes.

240911.07 - En route to Cestus III, the Vindicator rescues a survivor from a freighter attacked by the Selelvian raiders months ago. The Zaldans send a warship to Cestus III as well to petition the Federation representative there for action, and destroys a Selelvian ship along the way.

240911.14 - The Zaldan ship, Truth&Justice, arrives just before the Vindicator, which makes contact with the colonial governor for a status update.

240911.21 - A probe from the destroyed Selelvian ship is delivered to the Vindicator for analysis, and the CO meets with the Zaldan captain to discuss the what has happened, requesting that the Zaldans pull back until the Vindicator can assess the situation. Truth&Justice leaves to deliver the request. Then a Selelvian heavy cruiser arrives, the August Dawn, carrying an Admiral Gal'Vox who also meets with the CO and states his case.

240911.28 - Relief supplies are shuttled down to the planet at a central staging area just outside the capital, as fighters recon the surround region for the missing freighters. Commander Bishop awaits the Zaldans CO, Captain Dochan's return to commence with talks with Admiral Gal'vox.

240912.05 - After reporting the situation, Admiral Cerywyn diverts several starships to the area to give the Vindicator some leverage. The talks commence upon Dochan's return, but turn sour as the Zaldan temper flares and storms out. The Selelvian representative lets slip an ulterior motive here before also storming out.

240912.12 - The Selelvian fleet of over forty ships attacks, attempting to destroy the Vindicator and the colony in the hopes of starting a war they believe their people can win. The Truth&Justice escapes to get reinforcements, as the Vindicator and fighters are able to withstand the first wave of the assault. On the colony below, a crew of pirates attempts to steal the supplies that have been landed.

240912.19 - Using the devastating tactic of causing intentional warp core breaches in several of their smaller ships while at warp directed at the Vindicator, the Selelvians manage to disable the Vindicator, but the Zaldan fleet of eight heavy cruisers arrives in time to defend the Vindicator and the colony. The Selelvian and Zaldan fleets turn to engage each other in low orbit of Cestus III. Meanwhile, the attack on the supply compound fails, and the pirates instead kidnap a Starfleet science team to use as bargaining chips.

240912.26 - The crew of the Vindicator attempt to recover from the attack that has disabled their ship, as casualties are rushed to Sickbay and repairs begun. The Vindicator's fighter Wing joins the fight against the Selelvians.


241001.02 - Repairs near completion and the Vindicator prepares to join the fight as one of the Zaldan ships protecting them is destroyed. The sheer number of Selelvian attackers is beginning to overwhelm the defending Zaldans and Starfleet Fighters, with losses on both sides beginning to mount. Meanwhile, the Security detail on the colony interrogate the prisoners from the pirate attack and learn the identity of the pirate leader.

241001.09 - The USS Vindicator, though still without shields and primary phasers, re-engages the Selelvians and, along with the Zaldan flagship Truth, Justic, and Fury, are able to disable the Selelvian flagship, August Dawn. The Dawn begins to fall into the planet's atmosphere, but the Centaur-class USS Enkidu and several escorts arrive to destroy the Selelvian cruiser before it can crash into the colony. With the new fully armed Starfleet reinfocements, the Selelvians opt to retreat with what remains of their fleet. The USS Suha, one of the Enkidu's escorts, assists with the capture of the pirate vessel.

241001.16 - The crew of the Vindicator begin repairs and taking on wounded and prisoners in the aftermath, with the Selelvian fleet being tracked by two of the USS Enkidu's escorts. Beta Fleet Commander Admiral Cerywyn promises to reinforce the Starfleet presence in the sector, beginning with routing a medical ship to assist with the hundreds wounded in the battle.

241001.23 - Repairs continue as loss of life and craft is reflected upon, with some wounded being closer to heart than others. The Vindicator's port warp nacelle is badly damaged and is not suitable for warping into battle, so the Security Chief and XO prepare to take a contingent of Security officers aboard the USS Enkidu and their escorts to track down and end the Selelvian threat.

241001.30 - A large team of Security officers from the USS Vindicator transfer temporarily to the USS Enkidu and depart for the Umbra System, where the remnants of the Selelvian Raider fleet is believed to be hiding. Repairs and recovery continues.

241002.06 - The USS Montessori, an Olympic-class Medical ship, arrives to begin assisting with the off-loading of the numerous wounded from the Vindicator. Meanwhile, the USS Enkidu and their escorts discover the hidden Selelvian base and begin their assault after initial communications failed to resolve the matter peacefully.

241002.13 - Though much of the Selelvian fleet escaped, The Vindicator's security teams, beaming off the Enkidu, succeed in capturing the base and several of the Selelvian leaders before withdrawing with the approach of Selelvian reinforcements. The prisoners are charged with crimes against the Federation upon being turned over to the USS Vindicator. The Vindicator travels to Zald to make use of the Zaldan shipyards for repairs, and the Fleet is informed of the mission outcome. The crew are recognized for their efforts with deserved promotions and awards.

241002.20 - The Vindicator undergoes repairs using the Zaldan drydock facilities while the USS Messina arrives and commences with personnel and equipment transfers. Several personal changes are made over the next several days. Most of the crew take the opportunity for some R&R and social interactions.

241002.27 - Outpost 624, in the Ajilon System near the Federation-Klingon border, relays a call for medical assistance from the Federation colony on Ajilon Prime to deal with a viral outbreak. The crew are recalled to stations and the Vindicator prepares to depart Zald for Ajilon Prime.

241003.06 - As the Crew prepares to depart Zald for Ajilon Prime, Cmdr. Bishop is recalled away from the Vindicator by Fleet Command leaving the Young Commander Vokar as the New Commanding Officer of the USS Vindicator, just as the New mission gets underway.

241003.13 - Doctor Alexia Vaughn is named Executive Officer of the USS Vindicator, and as she prepares herself for the change from Sickbay to Command, The Crew depart Zald and are on route for Ajilon Prime whilst the new CMO, Dr. Thorin Oco and Chief Science, Lt. Armeny Verstan work hard preparing for the encounter ahead with the Virus.

241003.27 - Arrival at Ajilon Prime.

241003.28 - Fighters from the USS Vindicator pursue two ships infected with the now dubbed Ajilon Virus, the Gakor and the Dolar. The Dolar is successfully retrieved but the crew of the Gakor attack the squadron, resulting in the Gakor's destruction.

241005.15 - The Dolar crew is being monitored in quarantine on board the Vindicator. Many of them die during the attempt to find a cure but a few appear unaffected such as the Unjoined Trill Captain.

241005.22 - An away team beams to Ajilon Prime to setup planet-side quarantine and analysis of the infected.

241007.31 - A breakthrough finally occurs as the medical and science teams headed by Dr. Oco and Dr. Verstan are able to isolate and identify a chemical latent in Unjoined Trills appears to defend against the virus. Unfortunately this chemical is not present in joined Trills. Dr. Verstan also discovers that the virus itself is manufactured and not of a natural origin.

241008.01 - A mysterious ship is discovered near Ajilon Prime and appears to be observing the situation. The Vindicator pursues the ship when it flees upon being discovered.

241008.07 - An actual cure it worked out for the virus and it is rushed into production. During the work up to this point Dr. Verstan has become exposed to the virus and is now in isolation. The cure is transmitted to Ajilon Prime and provided to those on board who were exposed.

241008.22 - While chasing the suspect ship it becomes clear that the Vindicator may be flying into a trap. Vokar orders the ship to return to Starbase 22.

241009.05 - Lieutenant Commander Olan Dar transfers from the USS Drake, currently docked at Starbase 22, to the USS Vindicator as the new Executive Officer. He is also promoted to Commander.

241009.26 - With resupply and crew changes completed, the Vindicator departs Starbase 22 to attempt to track down the creators of the Ajilon Virus.

241010.17 - The Vindicator approaches a nebula to mask their approach to a system where the trail they were following ends.

241010.24 - Vokar is promoted to Captain. The Vindicator leaves the nebula to enter the system to continue their investigation.

241011.21 - During scans of the system the Vindicator discovers the remains of the mystery ship they were following, a freighter of unknown origin. There is evidence in the debris that leads them to approach a nearby asteroid field for further investigation.

241011.28 - After entering the asteroid field for further detailed scans, the Vindicator encounters a runabout that makes an attempt to escape. The attempt is however a ruse to draw the massive ship further into the asteroids for an ambush. Commander Dar orders the ship to follow at a distance closer to the edge of the field when he suspects as much. Regardless, a trap is sprung by the Vanguard under Osric Tia.

24101.05 - The Vindicator, heavily outnumbered by mostly smaller ships, is nearly crippled when it runs through a field of cloaked mines which detonate against the aft sections. To add to the problems the Vanguard have also setup subspace weapons platforms which the Vindicator cannot locate. Despite all this the Vindicator makes it out of the field and causes significant damage to the Vanguard fleet, destroying most of it. In the process all Marine fighters are lost.

241012.12 - The mounting damage to the Vindicator results in the core nearing a breach. It is ejected from the ship and into the remains of the Vanguard fleet. The explosion takes out a few more ships but hits the Vindicator itself hard as well.

241012.19 - The evacuation order is given and the crew escapes the doomed ship in pods and shuttles. Captain Vokar remains on the bridge to give cover to the escapees by flying the Vindicator under the last of its thruster power into the last ship standing from the Vanguard. At about the same time another fleet arrives to clean up the remains of the Vanguard fleet, lead by what appears to be a Klingon Bird-of-Prey. As the last Vanguard ship makes its escape, it launches a torpedo at the Vindicator, obliterating the bridge and presumably Captain Vokar as well.


241101.02 - The surviving crew of the Vindicator is picked up by the Border Defence Force dispatched by Versailles to help, but arriving only in time to clean up the mess.

241101.09 - The Vindicator crew returns to Versailles for recovery. The Vindicator hull is secured and hauled back to Versailles shortly after.

241101.23 - Commander Dar and the majority of the Vindicator crew are assigned to an older Akira-class ship, the USS Hades, while the Vindicator hull is repaired and the ship reconstructed in the Versailles shipyard under the care of Chief Engineer Akida Jackson.

241102.06 - With the rebuild of the Vindicator underway, the USS Hades under Commander Dar departs Versailles to patrol the Bella Rosa region which has been subjected to a series of raider attacks in recent weeks.

241108.13 - The rebuild of the Vindicator is nearly complete and the USS Hades returns to Versailles so the crew can transfer back to their previous ship.

241108.23 - Captain Vokar has been discovered alive but due to circumstances involving the Vanguard is removed from command. Commander Dar is officially given command of the USS Vindicator.

241108.29 - Lieutenant Commander Robert Lansine assigned to the Vindicator as the new Executive Officer

241109.02 - The Vindicator leads a Starfleet battlegroup to a Vanguard staging base and attacks, destroying a large fleet of enemy vessels and taking many Vanguard prisoners

241111.20 - After the Vanguard conflict the Vindicator and her crew head 'north' to explore and encounter the Veraki, a pre-warp society on the brink of FTL travel.


241205.13 - Following the events of the Veraki first contact the Vindicator returns to exploration, first stopping at a nearby nebula for scientific examination.