Xue'Daio Nox

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Xue’Daio Nox
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March 12, 2396 (age: 24)

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98 lbs





Political Information

Stenellian Ascendancy

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Xue’Daio Nox is a child born of privilege on the Stenellis home world of Apsha. Her genes are yet another of the species anomalous unknown as she is the only known living albino member of their society. Her mother is the current Empress, Psy’Daio Nox and her father is the Empress’ favorite consort, though no attempt to remedy the fact that they’re unwed has been made. Known as the ‘white princess’ or ‘zima chämas’, Xue’Daio’s beauty and grace is only tampered with by her snappish temper.

Physical Description

At 5'0" and roughly 98lbs, Xue’Daio is a tiny, refined looking woman who wears her elevated social status proudly. Having not been cut since she was born, her hair drags the ground when allowed to be loose. As an albino, she’s extremely pale with the only pigment being standout spotting associated with the species. Her eyes, instead of the standard blue-green, are pale amber-pink.

Identifying Marks

  • The mark of the royal crest resides at the hairline behind her right ear, but the brand is pink and blends in with her fair skin unless one knows where to look.
  • Freckling across her brows creates a circlet like appearance of larger spots that tip in a ‘v’ between her eyes before arcing over each eyebrow and on over the temples and into the hair line.
  • Sparse freckling along the center-line of her body, the heaviest spotting is down the sides of her necks, outer, sun exposed parts of her arms, ribs, hips, and outer portions of her legs.


Xue’Daio was born on Federation Stardate 239503.12 into the house of Nox. She is the daughter of Empress Psy’Daio Nox and favored consort Kiv’Watt, previously of the Makta caste and a revered warrior for leading a strike against a group of Ferengi that had attempted to settle one of Apsha’s outlying moons in 2389. She is the eldest child of the Empress, the next eldest being her younger brother (born in 2411), and subsequently the next in line to become Empress unless the ruling house of Nox is over thrown, something that has not been successfully accomplished in over three-hundred years. Xue’Daio has not taken any concubines, making her mark in the world as an extremely strong and likely single ruler. Every attempt by the Empress to see her court a companion has resulted in near disaster for the man and shame to his family name.

The young princess is well known for her skilled ability in the art of hand to hand combat, something that her father has been all too proud of his hand in teaching her – much to the chagrin of her mother who has long since chosen the path of a scholar and conducts herself with a great bit more diplomacy than her often spiteful and ill-tempered daughter.

Maternal Involvement

The stories passed through the halls and streets of the Ascendancy home world tell of a proud mother bearing an unusual daughter into the world. Due to her unique coloring, many of the Stenellis people believe Xue to be the reincarnation of Luminai; the Goddess of the moon and believed her birth to be a sign of hope for the future. Psy’Daio, however, has been known to her advisors to have expressed extreme contempt for Xue and her appearance, stating that she’s a curse and a burden on society. The Empress, to the people of Apsha, seems to be a doting mother – but behind closed doors there’s no doubt of the abuse that she’s dealt to her daughter starting at an extremely young age. The Empress refused to feed or care for Xue as an infant, procuring a wet nurse to rear the young lady through her infancy.

Paternal Involvement

Xue’Daio’s father is a well-known member of Stenellis society. Prior to him being chosen as one of the Empress’s consorts, Kiv’Watt was the highest ranking member of the Makta caste and responsible for all off world acquisitions and military presence. It was Kiv’Watt who initially began the drive into Cardassian territory shortly before the second Dominion War, but issues circulating in the Cheydinhall Sector would result in his recall. While loyal to Empress Psy’Daio, Kiv’Watt has shown unwavering support to his blustery young daughter, choosing to circumvent the Empress’s orders time and time again to see the Princess placed in harm’s way. It’s undoubtedly clear to any who see the pair together that her father is extremely proud, though worried, of what his daughter has become.

Cardassian Union

on 241101.12 Xue’Daio was deployed to the Cardassian Union by the Stenellian Ascendancy to act as a diplomat and regent to the crown. Her mission was simple; observe and report concerning Cardassian technology used in the first and second Dominion Wars. In the four years that she spent abroad, she was immersed in the culture of the Cardassian race, learning their language, their traits, and their secrets. Like home on Apsha, Xue’s appearance warranted her no small amount of unwanted attention from the Legates and Guls she shared close quarters with, but was crafty enough to thwart any and all efforts to court her while still maintaining a neutral stance with the Union. With the assassination of Merket by the Romulan Star Empire, Xue’Daio’s life became endangered by the incensed Cardassians demanding a treaty of alliance between the Ascendancy and the Union, calling for protection. Seeing no way out, the Princess brokered the deal based on trade of technology, including anything left behind by the Founders, Vorta, and Jem’Hadar before heading home to Apsha.

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18 year old Xue'Daio Nox on Cardassia Prime, 2414

USS Enterprise

No sooner did Xue arrive home on Apsha before the Empress informed her of her next ‘mission’, denying her the chance to recover from her harrowing ordeal on Cardassia Prime. She was to be sent into the lion’s den and to do as she was told to do in Cardassia, with her new target: the United Federation of Planets. The goal was the exact same; obtain information on technology and weaknesses, relay that information home, lull them into a false sense of security so that the Ascendancy could bide their time to either launch an offensive after showing interest in joining the Federation.

What she wasn’t told, however, was that the sworn enemies of the Cardassians, the Romulan Star Empire, had sent a delegate of their own to serve on the USS Enterprise, the very ship Xue’Daio had been brokered to through talks between the Empress and Admiral Blyx Red.