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The Evora enter the Federation as protectorate members.
The Breen Confederacy becomes formally allied to the Dominion and enters the Dominion War on their side.
The Breen launch a surprise attack on Earth, doing severe damage to Starfleet's complexes in San Francisco and striking fear to the heart of the Federation.
The Dominion War comes to an end after the defection of the Cardassian forces to the Federation Alliance. The Dominion and Breen forces surrender and the former are sent back to the Gamma Quadrant while the latter have severe economic and military sanctions placed upon them.
The Cardassians become a third rate power, having sufferred devastating losses in the war. The Federation immediately begins to supply aid but the other Alliance powers refuse to provide any support.
Of the three main Alliance powers the Klingons ended with the heaviest losses. All three begin to rebuild.