5th Marine Expeditionary Unit

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5th Marine Expeditionary Unit

The Fifth Marine Expeditionary Unit (5MEU) is attached to the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force, as part of the Fifth Fleet.

The Marine Expeditionary Unit is a Marine Air Space Ground Task Force (MASGTF) with a strength of about 2,200 personnel. The MEU consists of a command element, an infantry battalion, a medium armoured battalion, an artillery company, a tactical fighter squadron with air-support capabilities, an air transport squadron and a combat logistics battalion.

An MEU would typically be commanded by a full Colonel, supported by a Lieutenant Colonel and a Command Sergeant Major - to form the MEU Command Staff. Each of the Battalions would typically have their own unit commander - often a Lieutenant Colonel, but sometimes a Major. Each of the squadrons would have a unit commander, normally a Major or better.


  • Command Element
    • 5th MEU Headquarters Company
      • 5th MEU Command Staff
      • 515th Intelligence Platoon
      • 86th Communications Platoon
  • Combat Element
    • 56th Battalion "Rangers"
    • 33rd Armoured Battalion "Thunder"
    • 90th Artillery Company
  • Aviation Element
    • 643rd Marine Assault Aircraft Squadron (643MASS)
    • 444th Marine Air Transport Squadron (444MATS)
  • Logistics Element
    • 4th Marine Combat Engineer Company
    • 22nd Marine Law Enforcement Platoon